From Steam to Switch? Farm Together!

When I started my gaming life in 2006 I was instantly hooked on the casual kind of simulation games. Because of my first game being Animal Crossing of course. Don’t worry, I won’t go on and on about that again, you’ve probably heard it all before….many times over…

So, let’s move on.

After 1,5 years of daily duty in Wild World I was ready for something else. Something along the same lines of happy gaming fun. Surprisingly, at least, surprisingly to this 2006 novice to video games, there were hardly any. Sure, I found Harvest Moon, My Sims, Magician’s Quest. But there weren’t many.

Devs have caught on: there’s a public for casual games

But times are changing: more and more games are being developed by Indie developers that claim to have elements of Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. Kickstarter funding has been a big help to bring these games to the public. Most start their life on Steam, some make it over to the gaming consoles.

This led me to thinking: many of these games would fit perfectly on the Switch. The console seems very well suited for indie developers. We have seen an influx of independently developed games to Nintendo’s console. Not enough casual simulation games yet though.

So, time for a new series of articles called: From Steam to Switch? To play the casual simulation games whenever wherever you are. I have a few titles in mind already, none of which I played myself. The simple reason is that I don’t play games on my MacBook for the same reason I don’t play them on a home console. I want to play games on the go!

So I shall keep my fingers crossed and hope these seemingly gems make it to the Switch! Let’s start with the first one: Farm Together!

Edit: it’s February 2019 now, and some wishes do come true! Farm Together appeared in the Switch eShop out of nowhere. Nice!

Find my review for the game here.

Farm Together just left Early Access on Steam

Developed by Milkstone Studios the game just left early access on Steam. In short, Early Access means that the game is made available to people that backed the game on Kickstarter. Plus, sometimes, gamers that are new to the game can buy in too, which means extra funds for the developer. Because the game, by then, is still in development stages and still being tweaked.

Features of the game

Of course, the bone of the game is tending to your farm. Expand it with new building, and even unlock a tractor. The game is real time, which is kinda special: time progresses even if you are not there. I can see an addictive gameplay!

In Steam, it’s online multiplayer, so you can also ask friends to help you along. You can make a garden on your farm, customise the buildings and decorate your house. Of course, you can also choose your own avatar and change your looks with clothing. The tractor can also be customised, and what’s great fun too: you can take your dog or cat everywhere with you.

The game came to my attention by this blog, Farm Together takes root in the casual gaming community. Clearly written by an enthusiastic fan of the game on Steam, and I must say, it looks so good!

I’m going to leave you with the trailer for the PC game. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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