Frost Review for Switch

Game: Frost
System: Switch
Developer: Studio Tenebres/ Stage Clear Studios
Publisher: Digerati
Age Rating:  7+ ( UK and Europe), Teen (America)
Price: £11.69 | €12,99| $12.99
Release Date:  19 July 2018
(The game is also available on iOS and Android)

Overall Feeling: I like it!

There are times when you want to play an intense video game with a lot of action, times when you just want to nurture and grow your own virtual world. And then there are times when you want a game that you can pick up and put down again whenever you want, no matter how short the time you have played it is. 

That’s the time when you need a puzzle game. Not an adventure/ puzzle game or an action/ puzzle game, but a pure puzzle game. No other elements needed. That’s where a game like Frost comes in. A7BFB196-F4C9-4260-9708-20D1E5A4D4F4

Card deck management game

Frost is a card deck management game. It’s more then luck playing the cards, so going into it thoughtless is not a good idea. The tutorial is good, but only by thinking your moves through can you survive when the games get tougher. 

You start off with a limited set of Resource cards. Your goal is to reach the Refuge by traveling through various regions. The Region card is the middle card, and that’s the one who’s requirements you have to fulfill to be able to travel on. 

2B9B24F0-B1BA-44F9-BF38-8A68FEF327CCThe Frost itself is a storm that is always at your heels. Every time you end the turn without being able to travel, it gains one step on you. You can see it in the Frost Counter, a sort of half- disk on the top to the left. If you manage to travel, you outdistance the Frost again by one step. If the Frost counter goes to zero, you lose.

Pay attention to the tutorial

It would be too much to list all the moves to make, suffice it to say that I had to do the tutorial twice to wrap my brain around all the things to remember. For instance, you can scavenge ( sacrifice a human to get another item) but sometimes you are unlucky and scavenging will get you a fatigue card or worse, killing your human without getting anything in return. Then there are the idea cards. Paying the price specified let’s you add cards to your deck, which you might really need to get ahead. 

31E5215E-CE58-421F-800B-586DB4972857There are event cards that you can trade with or trigger another kind of event. One of the event cards is Wolf, not so nice to get. You know you will get hurt when you travel next, unless you have a weapon to use on the Wolf. If not, then traveling on is the only thing to do, even though you know your life will diminish by one. If you are lucky though you might get a human card which you can sacrifice instead of your own life. 


The core of Frost is to know when you have to stop wasting time collecting resources and cards for one area, and when to travel on for fear of the storm catching up to you. I feel the game starts out fairly difficult but as you progress, you gather more resources and it gets a bit easier. Or maybe it was just me getting used to the rules.

The music is ominous though it can get a bit monotonous. The artwork makes the impression the drawings are sketched quickly but that suits the game. Together they manage to get the atmosphere across.

I found that playing it on the touchscreen while in handheld works great, better then using the buttons

Its good pick up and play on the go kind of game and I like playing it. There’s one thing though: the game is also available on Android and iOS for less. I don’t know if it’s the same amount of content though.

Rmember: stay ahead of the Frost! 

I like it
I like it

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