Funtastic Inventions, If Only They Were True

How many times have you thought that there should be more hours in a day? I know I have, almost on a daily basis. Managing my job, motherhood, taking care of my house (well, in a minimal way) and managing the site and having enough time for my own gaming can be a challenge. So many great games to play, and never enough hours a day to play them.

How amazing would it be if we could save time with the fantastic inventions we see in movies, books and games? Funtastic inventions, if only they were true!

Wish I Had a Time Turner!

I’ve often thought that the Time Turner that Professor Dumbledore gives Hermione wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Imagine working all day, then come home and after dinner, turning the Time Turner around and have another 8 hours before you to game, blog and socialize. Now wouldn’t that be amazing?

That made me think of all the inventions and fantastic fun things we see in movies or read about in books, and how they would enhance life. Hermione also had a bag that could hold a tent and an entire wardrobe and still looked elegant carrying it.

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The little pet dragon

And in Donita K. Paul’s Dragonkeeper Chronicles, Kale has a Moonbeam cape, made by Granny Noon. It made her all but invisible at times, and it had pockets that could protect the dragon eggs she put in there. They could hold everything much like Hermione’s bag. But even more perfect, it housed her minor pet dragons. How I would love one of those, a faithful friend and special properties to boot (Not that my little dog Sammy isn’t a great friend too)! If I got a headache from a long day of meetings at work or sore eyes from too much gaming during the extra time the Time Turner gave me, I’d have my pet, the healing dragon take care of it.

New Inventions Being Made Every Day

Some examples don’t end with wishing “if only”. A lot of today’s tech inventors have been taking notes in their youth, watching scifi shows like Star Trek. Remember seeing Spock in 1966 with a flat board that he used like a computer? Much like the iPad I’m typing this on. And how they used a communicator, with Kirk flipping it open dashingly and ordering “two to beam up”.

The Hypospray Bones McCoy used to inject his patients? Nowadays we have our cell phones, and there are indeed injectors without a needle. And what about the universal translator, that seemed impossible at the time? Just look at what you can do nowadays with Google Translate!

A lot of these Funtastic Inventions come to mind. If only they’d invent the Replicator for real: it would save me the time of cooking, which I could use to manage my farm in Story of Seasons and cook special recipes there!

Are there inventions or fantasy stuff from games, books or movies that you love? What are your examples that you would like to come true? Feel free to comment!


  1. More time and beaming would probably be my picks Oh, and the holo deck, of course.

    More time is pretty much self explanatory sometimes there’s just so much you have to do that there is no time for things you want to do. A little bit of extra time would be quite helpful.

    We are blessed today because we can go pretty much anywhere in the world in a few hours (or a few hours more), but beaming would be great because travelling can be a pain sometimes.
    I mean I like travelling but getting somewhere can be just plain stressful. No more late or cancelled trains or flights, no more sitting around for hours in tight and uncomfortable seats.

    On the other hand I have to say it’s good that we don’t have these kinds of things because by choosing one and sacrificing another your choice becomes more important. Do I want to do this or that, go there or elsewhere?
    No matter what…

    Make it count.

    1. True, traveling can be an ordeal, but maybe that’s what makes a holiday extra special. Would it be as much fun if you could beam to the other side of the world just for a weekend?

      Oh yes, the holodek! How awesome would that be. Instead of playing video games we could be a part of it!

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