Always talking about gaming!

Why is it that I feel the need to talk gaming as much as I can? It’s a topic I can talk about until the cows come home. My family isn’t into gaming much. Oh, the occasional game on a mobile phone or tablet, some DS-gaming for them here and there, but that’s about the extent of it. So I’m glad to have found some good gaming friends and that I have Facebook at my disposal. It gives me a platform to meet like-minded people who like to talk about games too.

When I was little I had the dream to be a teacher someday, and I guess even that ambition has found an outlet in gaming: I read up on all Nintendo gaming, try to find information that my gaming friends might find interesting, and share that with anyone who wants to hear. Why specifically Nintendo? I guess because of the fact that I think they have the best handheld console, and it was the first ever console I owned because I wanted to play Animal Crossing.

Nintendo stuck with me, although the price drop of the 3DS two months after launch (and after I bought it at the highest price with hardly any good game to play on it) didn’t sit very well with me. But, I find that I’ve moved on from that, they are still my number one gaming company.

They are facing some troubling times at the moment. The WiiU didn’t do nearly as well as the Wii before it, and the competition they face with mobile gaming on tablets and smartphones is grueling. I’m curious to see how they will react to all of that, how they will turn the tide. The way they made an impression at the last E3-2014 without even being there in person makes me feel positive about their future..and my gaming future!


  1. Cool article, interesting read! Nintendo has always been my favourite gaming company too, as in my opinion they simply make the best games, always staying true to their roots in video gaming, and catering to young and old alike and providing quality titles for casual and core gamers!

    They have had rough times before but always bounced back, hopefully this holiday season their expected return to profit with the Wii U happens, I honestly don’t know why it hasn’t sold several more million units with the awesome games that are out on it..

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Stephen! To me, the GamePad should be the key selling feature, I really like that gadget. Maybe because I’m foremost a handheld gamer.
      Thanks for your comments!

  2. If they release Animal Crossing for the Wii U I would be out there buying it in an instant. I do wish they would either drop the price a bit or a bundle that appeals to me.

    1. I hardly play my WiiU now, I just can’t find a game that I really love on it, aside from Pikmin. Animal crossing, or a good Rune Factory game would be so wonderful. Even the cute MySims games would be preferable.

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