Game of the Month August

For most of us the Summer holidays are over, and it’s back to the daily routine again. It always amazes me how quickly you get absorbed again in the day to day things with work and such, but at least we still have the memories, right? With September already started, it’s time now to choose a game of the month August!

I didn’t play much, during my visit to the US I didn’t pick up my devices at all, only to game in the plane. So I’m afraid this month’s picking are slim! I didn’t play on my Vita or my Japanese 3DS at all. But my other 3DS’s got to see some action.

As I reported, I played some more of Monster Hunter Generations. In the end I managed to beat the Great Maccao in a test battle, but not in the Jurrasic Frontier yet. I love the Palico part of the game though, I wish I could take an alternate route in the game and be spared of the fighting. That would defy the title of the game though, it being a Hunter game, lol. Not done with the game yet, but for now it feels a bit like stressful work for me and not like relaxing gaming time.

Inazuma eleven, go lightI picked up a used copy of Inzuma Eleven, Go Light, just to give it a try. It is by Level-5 which to me spells good quality. And I’d heard such good things about it, that even though I don’t know a thing about soccer, I thought I’d be able to play it like any RPG. First impressions are that the game reminds me a lot of Yo-kai Watch in art style and the game mechanics, and the story seems nice enough. I’m having trouble though with the actual football-battles, it’s not exactly easy to win a match, even at the first stages of the game. But still, the game has promise, and I’ll play some more before I give you my final thoughts.

This month Style Savvy Fashion Forward was released in the US, 8 months after the release of its European counterpart, Style Boutique 2, Fashion Forward. I played it for the first time last December, but with the US release it was time to pop it in the 3DS again, as it’s quite an enjoyable game. So once again I’m happily puttering away in my little boutique, trying to bring high fashion back to Beaumonde City.

Don’t let the game fool you into thinking it’s just a teenage girly game to play dress up. There’s more to it, management of the store, making sure you have enough and diverse enough stock. Making sure the perfect make-up pallets are available, by gathering photo’s from the environment and getting them appraised to see if it contains new colors.

You can collect miniature furniture and decorate miniture rooms in Caprice chalet with them, enabling you to rent out the rooms and earn some money. And there’s a ton of clothes to choose from, lots of suppliers in your exhibition hall. You will need those too, by the time you can participate in a fashion show.

It’s a great game, one that deserves more attention then it’s getting! Here’s my review of the game, when it was released in Europe. For now, it’s my Game of the month August!image


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