Game of the Month December

For the last time this year, I’m going to choose my Game of the Month. If you’ve kept up with my writings you’ll already know what it is: Pokémon Sun and Moon just have to be on the list of best games this year!

This game was much anticipated, but it’s not just the fan base that welcomed it. This game is serving as a point of entry for people that have thoroughly enjoyed Pokémon Go. And I must say the developers managed to make it a fresh new game.

The familiar gyms are gone, instead you go island hopping to your next challenge. There’s no need to equip one of your team with all the necessary HM’s. Instead, you get access to helpful Pokémon along the way, like Taurus and Lapras. There are a lot of new and good looking new critters, and the vibe of the islands is unmistakably Hawaiian.

I didn’t finish the game this month, as I was missing one vitally important thing: Pokevirus. And without being infected by that, I don’t get into the state of living and breathing Pokémon, wanting to catch them all. Still, it can only be Game of the Month December.

I played a lot on my Vita again this month. Some World of Final Fantasy of course, which was Game of the Month November. And while making the article of Best Games of 2016 I was tempted to go back to Atelier Sophie and the Mysterious Book. It was my Game of the Month June, and it was nowhere near finished. Still enjoying it today!

I did quite some mobile gaming. Checked out Sea Hero Quest, a game that is specifically made to help research into Alzheimer’s. (A bit more about the game here)
And I played some of The Trail: a Frontier Journey. Walking the trail, gathering and crafting. A nice enough game, if only for the beautiful scenery along the way. (More info here)

Now I wouldn’t be a very good mobile game reporter if I hadn’t tried Super Mario Run, Nintendos true first mobile game. It looks stunning, and I should think it’s a treat for Mario Fans. Despite giving it several tries though, I haven’t succeeded in beating level 3 yet in the first world. It once again proved to me that I’m just not cut out for platformers.

Lastly I want to mention that I still play Pokémon Go and MiiTomo. For me, MiiTomo turned out to be a nice app to exchange direct messages with a few dedicated players. Always fun to see what outfit they’ll be wearing next!

So, this is it for 2016. It was a game-filled year on all devices!


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