Game of the Month February

Short month, February!  For a lot of people it was the month before the Switch, for me it was a month of trying to find the right game to play. I worked on my backlog as I still have enough gaming fun waiting for me. All the while I tried to find the frantic gaming mood, but I didn’t succeed.

The only game that had me really interested this month is Fire Emblem Heroes, and as such, it is my Game of the Month February. It’s one of Nintendos mobile games, and I think they did a great job at it.  I love playing the 3DS versions of Fire Emblem. I love the story telling, but mainly the strategic battles that have so many things to think about and sometimes take half an hour to complete.

Of course, the mobile version has battles on a much smaller scale, and it has less customisation options. On the other hand, part of the fun is in collecting of heroes. I haven’t needed to put any real money in it, gathering all the free orbs the game offers. If you are new to the gaming series, you might want to check out my Fire Emblem Heroes for noobs, to get you started.

Playing the mobile version made me long for the long and deep battles of the full game. And as I still hadn’t beaten the entire game of Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright I had enough gaming left to satisfy me. Haven’t beaten Garon yet though. The guy is just too strong for me. I have played the storyline, but it seems more and more side quests are in order to level up.

Waiting for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns to arrive, I played Disney’s Magical World 2. Don’t mistake this game for just another kiddie game. Yes, the cheerfulness can really get on your nerves, and you have to like Disney as a whole to enjoy the game. But the collecting, crafting and fighting elements are quite nice. Haven’t gotten in frantic gaming mood though, which is a pity. The game will wait for me though.


  1. I finished Dragon Quest VIII and all the endings. I gave up on the Memoriam Lane bonus dungeon though, even the guides say some fights are a “crapshoot”.
    I played a bit of Fire Emblem but my phone gets no reception at my job so I only played it around launch week.

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