Game of the Month January

The first Game of the Month post is overdue, as we are a couple of days into February already. So let’s get to it, and choose the Game of the Month January. I only played a couple of games in January, and as chance has it, two of them have been game of the Month before! So, they wouldn’t do, now would they?

My main gaming fun was in the Vita. It was a month of working on some backlog, no need to spend any money. You know how it works for me. Somehow I’m reminded of a title, and then from one minute to the next, I might go into frantic mode. That’s what happened with Atelier Sophie and the Mysterious Book. I wrote about the game in an article in December, mentioning all games of the month in 2016. And decided it was time to dive right back into the game.

There is still so much to discover in that game, although I’ve already put many hours in it. So many more recipes to discover, so many storylines to unravel. I had fun finding each and every one of them, and in the process, found this excel spreadsheet with the materials list, recipe idea list, rumour list and even more. Check out the Sophie Codex here.

The other former game of the Month I played was Dragon Quest Builders. I was prompted into picking the game up again by a mention on Facebook not to forget to download the free DLC. And before I knew it, I had finished Rimuldar and I am now in Kol. The game gets more and more difficult I must say, and I’m worried I won’t be able to do the last boss fight in chapter 3. But, we will see. Anyway, a good source of information about the quests is the site of GamersHeroes, which you’ll find here!

My European 3DS is still on an extended leave. I honestly can’t even remember the last game I played in it. Must have been the demo for Teddy Together! Even the American 3DS didn’t see any action this month. I was interested in Dragon Quest VIII and heard good things about the game. But I decided to let it go for now. Enough backlog and good RPG to keep me going.

The last game in bought in sales on PSN was Root Letter for the Vita. And although I know the game is not for everyone, I quite like it. You can read my review of the visual mystery novel here. And as both other games have already been games of the month, the Game of Month January is Root Letter on the Vita! 

What was the game you enjoyed most in January?




  1. Pokemon Sun. Even though I became champion back in December, I’m still doing post game stuff. Gotta catch ’em all! 🙂 When I finish with it, I plan on playing Dragon Quest VIII.

  2. I’ve been switching back and forth between a few! Xenoblade X and Paper Mario Color Splash for Wii U, Bioshock and Overwatch for PS4, this one vita game whose name escapes me atm where you spell out words and fight monsters, and super monkey ball banana splitz! And a few 3Ds games like animal crossing and Pokémon! I might play too many games

  3. I’m forty hours in Dragon Quest VIII, (having a break while I’m home again). It is my first non spin off DQ game and my first non monster catching traditional rpg. Normally I thought I didn’t like this genre very much but I think because of the cute monsters, character interaction and exploring and having down time at my job I didn’t mind grinding (especially when we have metal slimes!). I actually went somewhere out of order, I went on the east side of the west continent when you are supposed to start on the west side!!
    For February I will play Poochy & Yoshi Wooly world and try to beat Dragon Quest before the Switch launch.

    A review told me that the second boss in Dragon Quest Builders was the hardest, so maybe it won’t be as troubling as you are expecting!

    1. I’m hearing such good things about DQ VIII! A lot of people are very enthusiastic about it. In the past I played IX and loved it, though the grinding was a bit boring here and there. The interaction part reminds me of Bravely Second, must get back to that one too.

  4. Oh my gosh! I just played and reviewed Atelier Sophie for the Steam release! I have to thank you for convincing me to want to try this out. It was my first Atelier game! You’re probably the only person I know who plays Atelier games, so that’s how I had heard of them. It’s very cute and unique!

    1. Great! I’m glad you gave it a try, at least, I think you liked it? I haven’t seen your review yet, did you publish it on WordPress?
      I think it’s a pity the games aren’t more known as it quickly became one of my favorite game series!

  5. You always so highly recommend the Atelier series, so I am planning on picking up a Vita to play them soon! (My husband has a Vita, but I want my own, haha!) I guess my game of the month would have to be Yoshi’s Woolly World! What a fun, cute game! 🙂

    1. To be honest, nowadays I spend much more gaming time on my Vita then on my 3DS! So I’m pretty sure you’ll get great use our of it, not just the Atelier series!

      1. That’s interesting! I get in little moods where I will only play one system for awhile, then I’ll switch to something else! Glad you are loving your Vita though. So, I actually was at an awesome game store today and picked up a Vita! 😉 I’m so excited!

          1. I love my Vita so far! It is a great system. The game I bought with it is Persona 4: Dancing All Night. I am really intrigued by the story! I’ve never played any of the other Persona games, but I’m enjoying it anyway! There are several other games I want, but I’m going to try to at least get farther in this game (if not beat it) before I buy any more 😉

            1. I just knew you’d love it!
              I did play Persona 4 Golden and loved it! I was hesitant about Dancing all night because of the dancing part. I assumed it was a rhythm game. Am I right? I’m horrendous at rhythm games.

              1. I definitely plan on picking up Persona 4 Golden, even if I am playing them out of order! 😉 Yeah, Dancing All Night is part visual novel, part rhythm game. I read a couple reviews on it, and the rhythm part is supposedly a little easier than some other games of the same genre, at least in Story Mode. I guess it gets a lot harder in the Free Dance Mode, which I won’t even try until I’m done with Story Mode!

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