Game of the Month November

Only two more games that get to be Game of the Month this year. Secretly, I already know what my game of the month December is going to be. But let’s not get too far ahead, I still want to tell you what my best handheld game for November was.

Games on my 3DS

On my American 3DS I played some Harvest Moon Skytree Village. Not the original HM series, that’s called Story of Seasons nowadays. This is Natsume’s take on what a Harvest Moon game should be, going back to its roots. On the positive side, I like how they added landscaping à la Minecraft into the series. It feels like you have a lot of freedom to alter everything around you. The first time I experienced this was with their first game, The Lost Valley.

Which brings me to the negative: I had hoped they would have ironed out everything that made the first game a bit clunky. They did add a village, and I must say things progress in a clipped pace. But the controls of the game bother me, as does the camera. Not that I didn’t enjoy myself in the game, but there were better choices to play this month. So, I didn’t clock as many hours as I should have to give you my well-rounded opinion.harvest-moon-skytree-village-ladiesgamers

At the end of the month Pokémon Moon (in my case) reached us. I haven’t put in enough hours yet to make it game of the month yet, but who knows…One thing’s for sure, it’s an awesome game that is bringing people back to gaming that got their first taste with Pokémon Go! I even had colleagues who never game, but had their first taste catching Pokémon, inquire about the game.

Harvey, new bannerThe update we got for free in Animal Crossing New Leaf is amazing of course, and I’ve been steadily enjoying that game as well. Plus, I put in a lot more hours in Dragon Quest Builders (review here), which was game of the Month October.

Games on the Vita this month

I stuck to my Vita with the newly released  World of Final Fantasy. Not knowing a lot about the series, so this was a total surprise to me. Absolutely love the visuals, and the twins and their companions are endearing. I can’t help but be enchanted by these adorable little chibi forms of the Heroes. The gameplay with the mirages and stacking them, is novel and takes some getting used to. I feel the game is huge, there’s so much to do and so little gaming time. Still, I feel as if the game isn’t getting the attention out there that it should have.

So for November, World of Final Fantasy on the PS Vita is my Game of the Month! World of Final Fantasy,


  1. The controls and the camera bother me on the Harvest Moon: Skytree Village too; as a few other things as well. However, it is a good game to pass time until SOS: Trio of Towns gets here! My 9 year old son is playing Pokemon Sun and Moon and he is enjoying it! I am interested in looking at the World of Final Fantasy game! Sounds great!

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