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Game of the Month September

September is over and done. A definate goodbye to Summer, vacationing and hot temperatures. October is here, with its chock-full calender of game releases. First though, it’s time to pick my Game of the Month September.

So, what did I play? On my Vita I gave the demo for Dragon Quest Builders a try. I liked what I saw, the combination of minecraft like building and fighting works for me. Not long to wait now before the game is released mid-October. You can find some more info here. 

Some gaming on mobile too

I did play a bit on my mobile, still playing Pokémon Go on my mobile while commuting to work. I played Mystic Messenger on my mobile too. In this mobile app you experience an Otome game for yourself, being the lucky girl who get’s to message with several cute guys. Trying to help them out by joining their secret party planning association and organizing a party. Here’s a bit more about the game.

The 3DS saw a lot of action

On my Japanese 3DS I gave the demo for Monster Hunter Stories a try. I liked the combination of Monster Hunter and monster collecting. The fact that it’s a turn based RPG is right up my alley, and the visuals were colorful. Finding eggs on your quest, being curious which one will hatch from it is great. I really hope this one will be released in English. Find my impressions here.Monster Hunter Stories

In the eShop I found a little time waster, Kingdom’s Item Shop, for the low price of $5. You run an item shop in town (well, that was a giveaway, right?). To get items to sell, you hire mercenaries to do the fighting. What I liked is that you can collect recipes for crafting. Really nice gameplay and for a small price. A bit more about the game here.Kingdoms Item Shop

I still played some of last month’s game of the month, Style Savvy Fashion Forward. But the most time was spent playing a game that’s three years old now. And as my self imposed rules for the game of the month competition state nothing about it having to be a new game, I think I’m safe!

And the Game of the Month is…

My Game of the Month September is Animal Crossing New Leaf! I didn’t think I could have so much fun again with this game, as I remember that three years ago I only played it for two months. Might not seem so bad, but when you know I put hundreds of hours in Wild World back then, it is a short time. But even after all this time, the game is still relaxing and creative. A happy virtual world to retreat to!animal crossing, new leaf




  1. AC:NL is a great game and I put several hundred hours into when it came out. It is one of the very few that I bought from the eShop so I wouldn’t need the cartridge to play, I could play it anytime, and I did!

    However, your game of the month should be Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past!! ;-P I’m really enjoying it. Nintendo is putting out free DLC every 10 – 15 days or so and the StreetPass dungeons too. There is just so much to this game. I’ll easily be playing this until Sun/Moon comes out.

    Did you note that a Sun/Moon demo comes out on Oct.18th?!

    I always enjoy reading your blog.

    Take care.

    1. Haha, you are right of course, I should have given Dragon Quest a try, but somehow I’m no in the mood for an RPG. And you know me, if you’ve kept up with all my ramblings. I just tend to give in to my gaming mood. I did buy Yo-Kai Watch recently, but I still can’t help myself in going back into New Leaf. Oh well, that will die down again too, and then it’s on to the next game.

  2. Welcome back New Leaf! Still a great game today! I spent hundreds of hours back when the game first came out. NL is one of the best Animal Crossing games to date. I really should go back with those updates and weed removal happening for the game.

  3. I’m glad you’re having fun, enjoying multitude of games. I’m the type of person that has to focus on like 1-2 games maximum, or I don’t finish anything.
    Has MM been too confusing or you’ve got the hang of it now?

    1. You mean MH? I haven’t been back to it since, seeking the peaceful tranquility of my other games 😀
      To be honest, I don’t finish much, but I do go back to games with a vengeance!

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