Game of the Month August


It’s that time of the month again: August is over, and we have the entire new month of September ahead. So, time for me to write another Game of the Month blog! Let me think, what did I play?

King, known from the Candy Crush games, released a kind of app game that is different from their usual offering: Paradise Bay. And if you are familiar with HayDay, you will certainly recognize and like this new game. King paid attention to what HayDay did with numerous updates over the past years, and incorporated a lot from the start. As I wrote here, it makes this one of the few games that I can pick up without instantly going back to HayDay. So I played this on and off over the weeks. Not constantly, because I hate how you are stopped from progressing because you miss some commodity to upgrade your storage. HayDay did this, but at least in that game you can buy the needed planks, tapes and whatnots from friends. In Paradise Bay, you can’t! So you have to rely more heavily on your chances to actually find them in the game. So for now, enough…Paradise Bay, city builder, Hay Day, fun game

My American and European 3DS had their holiday prolonged (the European device has seen very little action for months now, but I bet that will change when the New Style Boutique 2 is released in Europe at the end of November). I did play on my Japanese 3DS to dive back into Tongari Boushi to Mahou no Machi, better known over here as the latest installment of Magician’s Quest. I decided to do a little more translating trying to get more out of the game, prompted by one of my readers who hasn’t given up on figuring out how the game works (Thanks Rae!).

Tongari Boushi, to Mahou no Machi, Magicians questI played a bit of Minecraft on my Vita, but most of the time I played Ar Nosurge, Ode to an Unborn Star (review here). Ar NoSurge is my game of the month August, no doubt about it. The game is strange in some regards, but the storyline is great, just like a very good visual novel. It draws me in to the point at where I get irritated for yet another battle, because I want to know what happens next! Sure sign for me of a good game!

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