Game of the Month December

Last time to pick a game of the Month in 2015. I’m a bit early in December, but with all festivities coming up it’s best to get this blog out now. This will complete the list of 12 games of the month and give me a nice overview of my year in video-games. My last game of the Month December is ….(drumroll)…..Atelier Ayesha Plus, Alchemist of Dusk on the PS Vita! This remake of the PlayStation 3 game (2012) for the Vita is spot on once again, as Atelier Rorona Plus was earlier this year. I guess I’m quickly turning into a fan of the Atelier series made by Gust together with Koei Tecmno, and Ayesha Altugle does a particularly good job of charming me to bits. Atelier Ayesha, Nio, Gust, Ladiesgamers.comShe is so naïve and sweet, without it being irritating, and you just want to cheer her on, on her journey to unravel the mysteries of her disappeared little sister Nio. All the fun of the series is incorporated, the synthesizing, exploring, good story line and interactions with other characters, each with their own background story. There’s less of a time crunch then in Rorona, which feels nice, but does sometimes leave me wondering where to go next. And the graphics are really breathtaking. A very worthy game of the Month December, a review will follow in January.

That wasn’t all I played though this month. I played some more New Style Boutique 2, Fashion Forward on My European 3DS to make the review (see here). I had fun playing Moco Moco Friends on my American 3DS to be able to bring you a proper review (here). The biggest surprise I had on the 3DS though was playing the demo for Stella Glow, which is available in the American eShop. I had had a taste of the game’s demo in Japan months ago, but I wasn’t prepared for the length and depth the American demo offered. Due to having too many games on my hands already these past months I skipped buying the game, but I can assure you I will keep my eye on it. It played like a mix of Fire Emblem and Lord of Magna, with strategic battles on a grid. An good story line, good game play and good graphics, this one goes to my wish list. Maybe it’s not in the same league as Fire Emblem, but it will be a good game while you wait. Stella glow, JRPG, tactical game, witches.jpg

I downloaded several games to my Vita during the sales leading up to Christmas, games I haven’t even looked at yet. Persona 4, Atelier Mereru Plus ánd Atelier Totori Plus are all waiting for me, alongside Norn9: Var Commons. What bliss! What riches of choices! But I’ve been too hooked on Atelier Ayesha to play another one at the moment. I didn’t play any Mobile games this month, enough to keep me busy on the other devices.

So that’s it, this wraps up my gaming year. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite handheld games on the 3DS, on the Vita and on Mobile, while I go and ponder my handheld game of the year!


  1. I’ve never played an Atelier game but I think I might now since you seriously convinced me! You really should write more reviews-you sell them well! Norn9 is loved by many so I hope you enjoy it! I sadly haven’t been gripped by it and I’ve done 4 routes already:( I adored Code Realize though so if you haven’t already, I can’t recommend it enough!

    Moco Moco friends? Looks super girly but that won’t deter me:) And Stella Glow sure looks awesome! (Though a little too much fanservice from what I recall from trailers)

    If you have the money since you bought a lot, I HIGHLY recommend picking up Summon Night 5. It’s a PSP port and it’s the first to ever be localized and I would love to see the others coming out. You can choose a gender for the MC, your Cross (your partner in the game) and it’s turn based SRPG but it’s not too difficult. You can also have romance endings and this works similar to FEA and Persona.

    You have Night Conversations to get closer to everyone. If you max out the five hearts with one, you get a romance ending. It’s $30.99 and was chosen as a price by fans. I really hope you try this one out bc it’s a real gem and I’ve been having a LOT of fun with it! And changing the gender of the MC and their Cross actually changes a lot of the dialog!

    Here’s a review from hardcore gamer:

    1. I loved Code: Realize too, in fact it’s how I found you. Seems that I bought a lot I know, but Persona 4, and both Atelier games where seriously discounted in the twelve days leading up to Christmas. I mean, € 12 for Persona is a steal.
      I will check out your recommendation! Not for now, first gotta do my backlog, but I will remember!

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