Game of the Month: February

A short month, but I think I managed to cram enough games in! So, what did I play?

I had ordered a game in Hong Kong at the beginning of December, and though the seller had notified me that it was sent out, I still hadn’t seen it in my mailbox. I was beginning to think that it would never reach me, but then, totally unexpectedly, there it was: Cocoron no Cocoron. And intriguing little DS game, that was Cocoron, Kokoron, Namco bandaicompared to the likes of Animal Crossing when it was released in July 2011 in Japan. The game is about your character, who accidentally lands herself in the little village of Cocoron. You meet its inhabitants, and try to get a friendship going with each of them by giving them things or doing chores for them. I do see why there was a comparison with Animal Crossing, but this game does seem to be simpler in style and gameplay. I’ll tell you more about the game in another blog.

I continued my journey in Persona Q, and tried the demo for Codename S.T.E.A.M, and posted my experiences with the game here.  The game will be released in the US on March 13, and in Europe May 15 2015.

On the Vita I played a little bit of Sorcery Saga, but not enough yet to have a verdict on whether or not the game is a great one. The game I played in the last week of February was Atelier Rorona Plus, Alchemist of Arland. it is the first Atelier game I played, I vaguely remember a DS game years back, Atelier Annie, but the Vita seems to be the natural home for the Atelier games.

Sorcery!, app gaming, fantasy, spellbook, ArrianaIn app gaming I tried my hand at a visual novel, and enjoying myself immensely with it. I played Sorcery! and made a blog about the game here. I think I can safely say that Sorcery! is game of the month February for me. The game surprised me in how it reads like a book. The way the surroundings and the characters you meet are described makes you feel you really are in a different world, the best trait for a good fantasy book! And on top of that, the battles were oddly satisfying.

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