Game of the Month June

I’d better step it up before July is over too, time to tell you all my game of the Month June 2016. Again, like last month, it won’t come as a surprise for those of you who follow this blog: Atelier Sophie and the Mysterious Book is my Game of the Month June!

But what did I play this month?

On the 3DS it was really quiet. I didn’t open my European device, nor my Japanese one. It seems that Japanese gaming isn’t for me at the moment, that 3DS has been in hibernation ever since I played Poka Poka Airou village DX on it. I do wish they’d release that game in English, with Monster Hunter being such a big hit, I can definitely see this spin off game doing well too!

I did play a little more Fire Emblem Birthright on my American 3DS, and got stuck on the climax, the fight with king Garon. It would seem my troops need more leveling up to take him on, but I’m not in the mood for serious grinding at the moment.

Time management, Delicious Emily, HM2On my mobile device (my iPad) I played Hearts Medicine (review here) , a game that is made by the developers of Delicious: Emily. Good storyline, great time management and character you can identify with. Sometimes it means heart palpatations and sweaty palms too, to get a level done, but it’s always fun. I did a pattern in Cross Stitch World on my iPad too, not actually a game but still, soothing and fun to do.Cross stitch world

Most gaming time was spent on my Vita. Atelier Escha & Logy held my interest at the beginning of the month, but when Atelier Sophie was released on June 10, I switched over to the new game. Not wholeheartedly at first though, as Escha & Logy is a very good title in the series. But I couldn’t resist trying the new game-play of Sophie.


If you’ve read my review of the game (click here) it won’t surprise you that I declare this game my Game of the Month June. Sure, it has some flaws, the battle mechanics being one of them. The storyline could have been stronger too, but I like the way Gust is trying to take the game in a new direction. It’s leaning less toward time management en more toward simulation combined with fighting, which is a nice change!


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