Game of the Month: May

And another month has come to an end! A tense month for us in real life, as my daughter had her finals and her prom ball, so you can imagine not everything was about gaming. Nevertheless I managed to play quite a few games, though most of my time was taken up by the game I made game of the Month in April, Story of Seasons.

The game did quite a good job at keeping my attention, I even made it through year 2 in farming. But there’s only so much milking cows and watering crops as I can take, so after some 100+ hours I decided to take a little brake. You know that I like my management games as much as the next woman, but I do get tired of never having enough hours in the Harvest Moon day to complete all the tasks that I want to do. I end up running around all game-day, trying not to spoil a single second. Let’s just say I really needed a breather.

Kuukan, sagashimono kei, face raiders, 3ds, japanese

My European 3DS got no attention at all, and the Japanese 3DS only a minimal amount: I made a review for of the game  “Kuukan Sagashimono Kei”. It’s an educational game released in 2011, and something of a cross between Brain Training and Face Raiders, the game we all got pre-installed on our 3DS when we bought that handheld.

At that time we were still in awe by the many cool features the 3DS had in store for us, so in that time period this game made sense. Looking back after we have gotten used to our devices for years now, Kuukan Sagashimono Kei isn’t very special. You can read the review here.

Kirby, Rainbow Paintbrush, Platformer, Gamepad, WiiU

It’s not often that I play a WiiU game, but I was very happy to partake in the Splatoon test session and that I was able to review Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush. Plaformers never manage to hold my attention for long, but I really enjoyed my journey with Kirby. The game is so colorful, inventive and cheerful, plus not overly difficult, which is fine by me. I wrote a review about it here.

My Vita took a breather too this month, but my iPad did see some action. I played the visual novel Broken Age (which by the way is available on the Vita too). An enchanting story, beautiful graphics and lots of humor thrown in. (Review here).

Last but not least, I was drawn into the Puzzle & Dragons universe. A game that’s been around for quite some time as an app game, but I only knew about it when Puzzle & Dragons Z was released on the 3DS. The PADZ edition has two games combined for the price of one: the more conventional PAD with real dragons, and the Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom version. I’ve been playing all three versions, and the jury is still out about which one I like most. For now though, I think I will nominate Puzzle & Dragons, whichever version, as my game of the month May!

PAD, puzzle and dragons z, mario, mushroom kingdom, match three


  1. This month I just played Fossil Fighters Frontier, I’m enjoying this game more than I should 😛
    And as I’ve yet to play Splatoon, my favorite game is that!

    1. You know I played the first Fossil Fighters and quite liked it? I was unsure about buying it, but didn’t have anything else going at the time. I gave it a try and really enjoyed finding fossils and dusting them off!

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