Game of the month November

The eleventh Game of the Month already. The one of December will be chosen in a few weeks, plus it’s almost time to see what the Game of the Year is for readers of!

I’ve been playing several games this month, most on the Switch. I’m afraid my 3DS hasn’t seen much action lately. I even held off on buying Style Boutique 3, Styling Star, because I just knew it wouldn’t get enough attention. Luckily Victoria made a raving review about it. (you can read it here)

Go-to device: the Switch

On the Switch I played Stardew Valley, until it was time to take a break from watering crops and tending my animals. I went back to Zelda Breath of the Wild, conquering my third Divine Beast Vah Rudania. I fought Fireblight Gannon on my way to work on the train, must have been the picture of concentration to other commuters. As you may remember, battling bosses isn’t my most favorite thing, so I was pretty chuffed that I succeeded in one go. Made me feel good all day long!

Vah Naboris the only Divine Beast left, and that form of Gannon had better be warned. It might take some time, but I’m getting to him too!

A smartphone game took centerstage

At the end of November we finally got the long awaited Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. It has been a long wait since Nintendo first announced the game. I know many people, including me, had hoped to hear about a version for the Switch by now. Still, I’m happy for this little time waster. Somehow it’s so easy and laid back to play, and time ticks away while you are giving into every whim of the adorable critters.

I was happy to read that it sparked a new interest from people who got their first taste of Animal Crossing. Sales of New Leaf for the 3DS are doing well, especially in Japan. The same effect happened back then when we first had Pokémon Go. My reasoning is that the more people playing equals a faster arrival of the Switch version!

It won’t be much of a surprise that Pocket Camp is my Game of the Month November. Sure, the game isn’t as top-notch as a full fledged Animal Crossing title, but it oozes the same sort of charm. Hanging out with your favorite animals, collecting furniture to make the most cosy camper and changing clothing daily is fun to do!


Looking back in time, these are the November Games that I choose in the past years:

2015 Code Realize ~Guardians of Rebirth 

Code: Realize ~Guardians of Rebirth on the Vita  was my game of the month two years ago. This Otome Visual Novel played into two of my favorite pastimes. I love reading books and I love playing video games, and to me this game combined the best of both worlds. I was literally glued to the screen! The review for the game is here. 

2016 World of Final Fantasy

Not knowing a lot about the series, so this was a total surprise to me in 2016. Absolutely loved the visuals, and the main characters and their companions are endearing. I couldn’t help but be enchanted by these adorable little chibi forms of the Heroes. The gameplay with the mirages and stacking them, is novel and takes some getting used to.  The review for the game is here. 




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