Game of the Month October

It’s about time, six days into the new month already, time to put up my blog about the Game of the Month October 2016. It was a month that challenged my wallet and my spare time. So many good games coming to market, and not enough time to play them all. I did try my best though, so let’s see what I played.

Chase Cold: Case Investigations

First of all, I played no games on mobile, and no games on my Japanese 3DS. But my European and American 3DS plus my Vita were my constant companions. Chase Cold Case Investigations was the one I played on my European device. 10 years ago Hotel Dusk: Room 215 was released on the DS.  This new game, Chase: Cold Case Investigations, Distant Memories that is sort of the spiritual successor to Hotel Dusk: Room 215.Chase, cold case, cing, arc system works

The short title has been released by Aksys Games in the Nintendo eShop. It’s a pity that there isn’t more in the way of exploration available, and that the need to think logical to unravel the case isn’t really there. As the game is now, it felt more like a visual novel to me. Which isn’t bad, as the story is very good. Overall a nice experience, not exactly what I was expecting, but the price for this short game is nice too. You can read my entire review here. 

Games that didn’t get the attention they deserved

I played some more of YoKai Watch 2 and I downloaded Disney’s Magical World 2 on release day on my American 3DS. I’m afraid both games are a victim of my lack of time to play them all. I did play them for a bit, but both games didn’t grab my attention at the time.  Wait for my review for both games, but for now, neither is game of the month. disney-magical-world-2

Meanwhile, I kept up with Animal Crossing New Leaf, and helped Jack celebrate Halloween for the first time. Weird huh, my first Halloween in such a old game! Three years ago, when the game was new, I got knocked out the daily helping of Animal Crossing by a broken arm. And I couldn’t fully get back into it since until now.

World of Final Fantasy

The Vita saw a lot of action. I downloaded World of Final Fantasy on day one. The demo had been a good experience, but I can say that I enjoyed the actual game much more. This might not be the hardcore FF game fans were hoping for. But being a newcomer to the series, this is a perfect entrance for me. I hope to play more in November, so expect a review here too.World of Final Fantasy,

Game of the Month

Which brings me to my game of the Month October. Not a big surprise for those of you who follow my blogs here. The game that has taken up most of my time and hasn’t let me go yet is Dragon Quest Builders. Square Enix really got the mix right in building, exploring and fighting. For me, this game hits all the right spots. If there’s one negative I’d name, then it’s the frantic gaming that I have to do to survive. At times it would be so soothing to just explore and build. Still, this game makes me ever so glad, once more, that I own this sweet little PS Vita. You can read my full review here. Dragon Quest Builders,

So, Dragon Quest Builders is added to the list of Games of the Month in 2016. Not long now before I get to chose my game of the year again!


  1. Great shoutout to Chase! I love Cing’s older games. Even though I didn’t like Chase as much, I hope they can do better with the next game and continue the story. DQB is a nice choice for Game of the Month! I think I’d like to get this by the end of the year! Great recommendations!

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