Game of the Month October

The tenth month of 2017 is done and gone, so it’s time to pick another Game of the Month. As seems to be a recurring theme for me this year, I didn’t play a wide variety of games. My Vita lay dormant, my iPhone and iPad games couldn’t hold my attention. My 3DS did see some action while playing Monster Hunter Stories though, my game of the month September.

I played Yono and the Celestial Elephants. This sweet short indie game was released on the Switch mid October, and you can read all about it here. Review Yono and the Celestial Elephants

At the same time though Stardew Valley was released on the Switch and as expected: I was totally hooked. I had so looked forward to this game, but I was a bit hesitant too. I’m very partial to good graphics in a game, and now matter how you look at it, Stardew Valley looks a bit retro. Being used to Story of Seasons graphics that get more and more beautiful and life-like, it took some getting used to.

But after a while, you don’t notice the graphics or the way the characters move anymore. That’s all because the game is so entertaining and fresh. I mean, in the normal farming sims like Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons we have see whatever they have in store for us. And if you are familiar with these games, you know it can take some doing before everything is unlocked.

Stardew Valley has exiting things in store, they keep you entertained early in the game, and they keep on coming! I’m almost one year in the game, and I feel I have hardly scratched the surface of it. And that’s why Stardew Valley on Switch is my game of the month October. I have only one complaint: the fishing has been my bane since the first try! Way too difficult! Fishing a fun pastime? Not in Stardew Valley!

Looking back in time, these are the October Games that I choose in the past years:

2015 AC Happy Home Designer 

With all the design choices and the huge range of items to decorate with this spin-off from the original Animal Crossing series keeps you coming back. The exquisite miniatures, such a joy to look at. The game designers have managed to copy real life items down to the last detail. All the favorite characters appear in the game, each with their own unique personality. I had the most fun designing the office, which I made into the bridge of the Starship Enterprise: that is what makes the game unique. You can play it which ever way you want! I wrote about the game too: Please, merge New Leaf and Happy Home Designer

2016: Dragon Quest Builders 

Square Enix really got the mix right in building, exploring and fighting. For me, this game hits all the right spots. If there’s one negative I’d name, then it’s the frantic gaming that I have to do to survive. At times it would be so soothing to just explore and build. At others it takes all your wits and resources to make it to the next level. It ended up being my game of the year 2016. What a joy that this game will come to the Switch too! Dragon Quest Builders review


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