Game of the Month: September

Monster Hunter Diary, Village elder, yoda, septemberIt’s that time again, time for picking my game of the Month. And while thinking of that, I realized picking my Game of 2015 will be a lot easier, with 12 candidates waiting in line! Although, not all games were released in 2015, so maybe my shortlist just got a bit shorter!

Anyway, about my gaming month of September.

Hero of leaf valley, harvest moon, game of the month, September My Vita, that had been used extensively in August playing Ar NoSurge, saw only a little action. I had downloaded an old title (released 2010), Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley, and gave it a try. In the game you receive a farm located in Leaf Valley from your recently deceased grandfather. You travel there to pack up his things and return home, but you’re confronted by three Harvest sprites and the Harvest Goddess who beg you to stay and help them. A capitalist group named FunLand is threatening to level the town and construct an amusement park in its place, and you, of course, are the only one who can help raise the funds to save the town. I must say I enjoyed the graphics of the game, it looks really good on my Vita screen. I was however not really in the farming mood, so when one of my anticipated games was released I switched to that one. Hero of New Leaf will hold till I want to work the land again.

Happy home designer, Fritta, fast food, Animal Crossing, game of the monthLate this month Happy Home Designer was released, I wrote about my first impressions here. Since then I was able to play a bit more, and I must say the game really gets addictive quickly. Being able to check out other people’s creations on the Happy Home Network, and uploading your own to get rated is really cool. I remember very creative people whose houses I viewed through Streetpass in New Leaf. They had a really detailed and creative interior in their house; they will absolutely love this game, with everything that possible in Happy Home Designer!

Monster Hunter Diary, Village elder, poogie, game of the monthThe game that made the biggest impression on me this month however is Monster Hunter DIary Poka Poka Airou DX that I played on my Japanese 3DS. I’ve put my impressions of the game here, and all I can say is that I hope the game will be released West too.The game is cute, and I’ve been told by one of my readers that does read Japanese, that the dialogue is very funny. All the felines in the village have errands for you, so you can mine, farm, fish and catch fish to your hearts contents to please them. Selling your produce gives you enough in game cash to upgrade the facilities, and the most important one to upgrade is your guild tent. In the guild you will get your quests, in which you fight monsters (or cut their hair, depending on what kind of monsters they are) and gather materials. So funny to watch them crawl around a monster they can’t handle! Your hard work pays off in that you attract more and more felines to the village, expanding it as you go. 

So there you have it, Monster Hunter DIary Poka Poka Airou DX is my game of the month September.


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