Game Soundtracks We Love: Dragalia Lost

Game Soundtracks We Love: Dragalia Lost

For the longest time, I have had a negative opinion on mobile games. The last few years alone have just enforced the believe that spending money on a chance for rare collectibles was a very damaging practice in the long run. But for every bad and predatory mobile game, there were some diamonds in the rough that deserved attention. Fate/Grand Order, Azur Lane, Granblue Fantasia, and my personal favorite: Dragalia Lost.

The main cast

Dragalia Lost has basically anything and everything I would want in a video game. Appealing artwork. Simple, rewarding gameplay. An engaging story with well-written dialogue. Even the rewards on gacha currency “wyrmite” are easy to get in that you could enjoy all that there was to offer without spending a dime.

But most of all, Dragalia Lost has a great soundtrack. From rocking head bangers to soothing rhythms, from tense dramatic motifs to heartwarming tunes of triumph, it has a little bit of every genre and all very Japanese influenced.

Head Bobbing Menu Music

(Bokura no network by DAOKO – Home menu theme)

After loading up the game, this theme comes up and eases you in the feel-good familiarity of doing a daily grind of activities. There’s something upbeat and welcoming about this song that doesn’t feel annoying or tedious at all. Even the lyrics when translated are about connecting with others to achieve goals, which is a nice message to have.

Raid! Raid! Rai-ai-ai-aid!

 (boss battle instrumental, raid event climax (Also by DAOKO))

This song, usually accompanied with Japanese lyrics, plays whenever you play an event boss. They are so big you have to break different parts of their body while chipping away their HP, and you are assisted by up to three other players to clear the same objective. This just gets the blood pumping in a “you can do this” attitude other JRPG boss fights do, and gets me excited to do better in harder difficulties of the same boss.

Siren’s Song

(Polaris – Liyuu (Summer event))

And this song played during the Dragalia Lost Summer event last August. The use of Chorinho is exotic and soothing I could feel the Brazilian beach vibe that comes from a tropical getaway. Music they make for new events always fits the tone and mood of the season, and is always a joy to just kick and back listen for a few minutes.

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