Game Soundtracks We Love: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Game Soundtracks We Love: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

Hello to everyone! Thank you for joining us, on our cuppa filled gaming journey.

After the month of Halloween themed soundtracks, we decided to brighten things up and go with something cute and cheery last week; Kirby Super Star (also known as Kirby Fun Pak in some regions). If you missed it and want to check it out: Game Soundtracks We Love: Kirby Super Star

Game of Choice

For this week; a game that had storybook elements with narrations and was a departure from the main series: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles.

In Crystal Chronicles, the world is plagued with toxic miasma; the only way to stay safe is to be around magical crystals. These crystals generate a protective barrier that repels miasma, but to do so; they must absorb droplets of myrrh from mystical trees, found across the world.

The player (or players), travel across the land (and sea) to collect droplets of myrrh in their chalice, to then take it home and power their village’s crystal (keeping their village safe from miasma). To get to the myrrh trees, they must traverse through dungeons, fight monsters, use magic, activate switches, solve riddles and fight a boss (or two) at the end – all for a drop of myrrh!

The introduction to the game is above (the english version). I love how it starts off so gently, allowing you to be lost in the moment and wonder about what the game may have install for you.

The beginning is almost like a night time lullaby; great for getting to sleep before the beginning of a grand adventure! Then the song picks up; like waking up to greet the day ahead, about to venture off into places unknown, full of excitement and wonder – it fits the opening of the game perfectly! 😀

The track above is played for your home village. It has a quirky, laid back jolly sound, which adds character to the village and gives the player positive feelings towards the place; making it more appealing and inviting (as any home should be).

One area the player can visit to collect myrrh, is Daemon’s Court. It’s track is (oddly named) Goblin’s Lair and sounds like a marching tune but with a few quirky aspects; making it feel more like a military operation is going on, and you’ve just turned up looking for a myrrh tree – oops! 😛

Final Thoughts

I have never been interested in the main Final Fantasy games, but I absolutely love Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. It’s a shame they went a completely different route for FFCC: Crystal Bearers on Wii.

One of the most memorable aspects of Crystal Chronicles, was the brilliant soundtrack! It really added to the experience; making cut-scenes and locations even more enjoyable, full of life and adding more emotion to them. 😀

A few questions for you:

  • Any thoughts about the tracks chosen?
  • Did you play Crystal Chronicles on Gamecube?
  • Are you looking forward to the HD Remaster due out next year?

Would love to read your thoughts 😀 – Thanks for reading!


  1. Missed out on this one but this post makes me want to check it out!
    Didn’t this game also get a 3DS release later on? Or am I thinking of a different FF spinoff?
    Is the HD remake you’re taking about for next year part of the big FF pack that’s coming to the Switch?

    1. There was Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates on DS, as well as Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time on DS and Wii.

      Ring of Fates was a prequel to the original Crystal Chronicles on Gamecube, but not sure where Echoes of Time fitted in though. There were a number of differences between the original FF:CC and the 2 on DS – biggest difference is no miasma in the DS games so the player wasn’t restricted to a set area like they were in the original Crystal Chronicles.

      I have all 3 and enjoyed each for different reasons, but the original had a charm that the others did not, Ring of Fates was cute and was better than Echoes of Time for story, but Echoes of Time had more refined gameplay compared to Ring of Fates. But the original was the best. There is FFCC:Crystal Bearers on Wii, but I have never played it.

      The HD Remaster of the original FF:CC game, is coming to Switch as well as PS4, but it’s not included in the FF pack of games.

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