Game Soundtracks We Love: Kirby Super Star

Game Soundtracks We Love: Kirby Super Star

Hello to everyone! Thank you for joining us, on our cuppa filled gaming journey.

Last week, we concluded our Halloween themed soundtracks with one filled with demons, ghosts, the undead and all sorts of bizarre creatures we associate with Halloween; Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts. If you missed it and want to check it out: Game Soundtracks We Love: Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts

For October we went with the supernatural, the obscure, the insane and the undead. So to brighten things up again; we went with something more cute, lighthearted and pink for this week.

Game of Choice

A SNES game with a cute, pink and cheery hero and a fun, upbeat soundtrack: Kirby Super Star! (also known as Kirby Fun Pak in UK & EU) 😀

Kirby Super Star included: Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Metaknight’s Revenge, Milky Way Wishes, Gourmet Race and The Arena, with two mini games; Samurai Kirby and Megaton Punch.

Most of the adventures played out in the classic platformer style of previous Kirby games (and each had their own story to play through). Certain games were a little different, such as The Great Cave Offensive being more of a Metroidvania style game and Gourmet Race being a race against King Dedede.

The above trailer is for the virtual console port on Wii U. Three of the game’s tracks are used for the trailer; the joyous tune for when Kirby finishes a level, the fast paced, adrenaline raising intro theme, as well as the track for the Floating Islands segment of the game.

The Floating Islands track has it’s light, uplifting sounds to it, fitting in with the tone and theme of the level. It also has it’s fast paced elements to make the game feel more exciting! 😀

Green Greens has it’s uplifting aspects and creates excitement, but it also creates the feeling of curiosity and gets the player to focus; fitting in well for the beginning of an adventure, filled with mystery, determination and excitement! – it’s a great track for the first level of the adventure.

Now for Gourmet Race, it has an interesting aspect to it’s sound; certain elements mirror the weight of the characters; the more lighter, higher tones suiting well for Kirby as he runs, while the deeper and lower tones work brilliantly in capturing King Dedede’s size and heavy footing.

I think it’s brilliant how the sounds can help add weight to the character’s movements and the overall track is perfect for the race between the two (very) different characters – really adds to the adrenaline of the race; making it more fun and even more engaging.

Final Thoughts

Kirby Super Star (or Kirby Fun Pak as I knew it) was the first game I fully completed by myself, and although I was very young at the time; I still remember feeling rather proud of myself upon completion. 😛

A DS remake of the game was released, titled ‘Kirby Super Star Ultra’. The game included upgraded graphics, sounds and new game modes that made the games more difficult. You could also even play as Kirby’s rival; Meta Knight! 😀

The track for the Gourmet Race game is certainly my favourite one, but the overall soundtrack for Kirby Super Star I have always enjoyed. Even now they get stuck in my head after hearing them; they are so catchy, lighthearted and fun – it’s brilliant! 😀

A few questions for you:

  • Are you a fan of Kirby too?
  • Did you play Kirby Super Star or even DS remake?
  • What do you think of the game’s tracks I chose?

Would love to read your thoughts 😀 – Thanks for reading!

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