Game Soundtracks We Love: Mario Kart Double Dash

Game Soundtracks We Love: Mario Kart Double Dash

Hello to everyone! Thank you for joining us, on our cuppa filled gaming journey.

Last week’s choice, was from a fantasy puzzle-platformer game: Trine 2. If you missed it and want to check it out: Game Soundtracks We Love: Trine 2

Since this is the Sunday before Christmas; we looked back at the games we received in previous years as a Christmas present, and chose a soundtrack from one of those games.

Game of Choice

This week, we chose the soundtrack from a Nintendo racing game that was released on the Gamecube: Mario Kart Double Dash.

Mario Kart is a very well known racing game series that sees the characters from Super Mario games, hopping into karts and racing one another on tracks.

Video: Game intro
The intro works great in showcasing the game; the soundtrack has a catchy beat and a quirky sound to it – working brilliantly with the fast pace, rather manic aspects of the game, with weapons thrown around and karts speeding by.

Track Name: Sherbet Land
I always liked the track for the Sherbet Land course; it sounds so jolly and suits the course brilliantly – kept the experience lighthearted and reduced the annoyance of sliding around and into things. 😛

Track Name: Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road is the final course of the game, and is one of the most difficult courses in Mario Kart, but it’s a wonderful looking course and is situated in space! The music really feels like you are close to achieving something brilliant, and spurs you on to keep going while adding to the wonder of Rainbow Road – it’s brilliant! 😀

Final Thoughts

There are many games that bring people together and for me, that’s always been Mario Kart. Mario Kart Double Dash however was the first Mario Kart game I owned and I played it with friends and family for a number of years (until Mario Kart Wii came out) – such a fun game. 😀

Although Mario Kart Double Dash isn’t a “Christmassy” game; I received it with my Gamecube one year for Christmas, so the game always makes me think of Christmas and the time spent with friends and family.

Hearing the soundtrack always brings back fond memories and still gets me bopping along happily – I love it! 😀

A few questions for you:

  • Are there any soundtracks that remind you of Christmas?
  • Do you have a favourite Mario Kart game?
  • What did you think of the tracks we chose?

Would love to read your thoughts 😀 – Thanks for reading!

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