GameCube games on the Switch

A fellow blogger reminded me today that there’s every possibility that the new Nintendo Switch will most likely feature a nice collection of Virtual Console game. And this time, it might just be some awesome GameCube games. The GameCube was my first Nintendo console, and I arrived fairly late to the party. So it’s not like I have tons of GameCube games to look forward to, but there are some that I’d love to see. Because being on the Switch, I guess it would mean they would be portable too.

Animal Crossing

One that several sources have mentioned as being under testing to come to the Switch is also one of my favourites game series. Animal Crossing. Although it’s apparently in testing, I can’t find news anywhere yet that it’s confirmed for the Switch. Thinking about it got me wondering though: will Wii games be backward compatible too? Because if so, it wouldn’t make much sense to make the GC game available while we can play the more updated Wii version. Animal_Crossing, gamecube, Coverart

I feel that it would be awesome considering the nostalgic value, but could we get used again to sending every fossil, one at a time, though the post office. Or playing without any wifi connectivity? I’m not sure really, I guess for me it would depend on the price.

Chibi Robo

This is the game I would look forward to the most. This is the way I love my Chibi Robo: a tiny robot living in this huge house, helping out his family. Not only cleaning and gathering rubbish, but also helping them with their problems. Chibi has two of these adventures, one on the GameCube and one on the DS. But the one on the DS has never made it outside of Japan. “Okaeri! Chibi Robo! Happy Richie” was a great game, I managed to play it in Japanese, but still, I’d love to play such a great adventure again. If you want to read more about the Japanese game, you will find it here. Chibi_Robo, gamecube, boxart

Nintendo seems adamant to cast Chibi Robo into another kind of role here in the West though. Photo Finder was nice, but a very meagre offering. And although Zip Lash is a nice game, you could have exchanged Chibi for any kind of platform here. No, this seems the perfect opportunity to make us fans happy.


I played and enjoyed Pikmin 3 a lot on the WiiU. Challenging at times for me, but I couldn’t help but love the charming little creatures. Even restarting days in our travels to make sure they wouldn’t fall victim to the huge ladybug that gobbled up any strays. So I’d love to see adventure 1 and 2 in the virtual console as well. It seems to be the only way for us to get their adventures on portable. Sure, a new 3DS game featuring the Pikmin is expected but…you’ve guessed it: another platformer…pikmin 2, gamecube

So that’s my wish list when it comes to GameCube games on the Virtual Console of the Switch. Only a few more days and we will know more at the presentation that Nintendo has in store for us. As a reminder, the presentation will be at 8pm Pacific / 11pm Eastern on 12th January, which is 4am UK / 5am CET / 1pm Tokyo / 3pm AEDT on 13th January.

What GameCube games would you like to see on the Nintendo Switch?



  1. Well I’m back to collecting the gamecube games I used to have so it’s not so much good for me other than NA/JP exclusives like the girl ver. of A Wonderful Life etc.
    I started a 365 of gamecube animal crossing and about 80 days in realising my I couldn’t get Nook’s last upgrade because it had been canceled. I did get all the fossils though. I don’t know how’d they’d implement the GBA connection island.

  2. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. It’s the only FE game released in the West that I’ve never played. When it was released, my life was insanely crazy and hectic with very little time to play games and even less money. I’ve just never been able to allow myself to spring for the $150+ for a decent used version.

    I just hooked up my old GameCube the other day and put in Animal Crossing. Lots of weeds everywhere and of course, “Hey where have you been? It’s been 154 months since I last saw you!”.

    1. $150+ wow, that is a lot of money for a game!
      I think I deleted my last GC town because my daughter needed room on the memory sticks. But you can’t fault animal crossing animals for their sense of time. 154 months indeed!

  3. Ooh, I’d love to see Chibi-Robo on VC, since I missed it the first time. I’ve played the platformer on 3DS… but…. Animal Crossing would be fun too, mostly for the NES games included. I missed out on NES Classic, but Animal Crossing is sort of like that, right? Haha.

      1. Yes, I’d love to both go back and play the original Chibi-Robo, and then try a new one that puts him in his natural genre. Though now that I think about it, an Animal Crossing platformer sounds hilariously fun.

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