Gaming can relieve your stress!

If you are juggling being a mother and taking care of your family with a professional job you will no doubt recognize that at times it’s hard not to let the stress of your job bleed into family life.  The same goes for dad of course. I’ve always thought that it’s important to have all sides of the triangle that is your life in balance:  Your work, whether it’s in a paid job or working as a volunteer. Your family life and the harmony that can be found there, and your leisure time. Because whether you find relaxation in sports, reading or collecting stamps, it’s important that you pay attention to that part of your life too.

Recently I researched the good and the bad effects of playing video games, and one interesting aspect I found is that gaming can help you recover from work-related stress, making you feel prepared for the next day of work. It seems that playing video games gives you the feeling of mastery and of being in control needed to let go of your work stress. You can find the study here. They surveyed  491 participants and found that the total numbers of hours spent playing digital games per week correlates with the sense of recovery.

Interesting huh? I’ve gathered more pros and cons to video-gaming in my editorial for GameRaven, you can find the entire article here. Use it at will when someone tries to tell you gaming is a waste of time!

The Debate on Video-games: the good, the bad and family dynamics

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  1. Great piece, Yvonne! I’ve definitely seen the benefits of gaming in my own family, and thankfully few downsides. I actually just convinced my family to pick up Wii Sports Resort, as for some reason they never got it, and it’s bringing everyone in the household together to compete just like the original Wii Sports and Wii Play did almost a decade ago!

    1. I always love how gaming can bring a family together! My daughter has the old Wii in her bedroom, and recently bought a used Mario Party game. She’s loving it!

  2. Interesting article! I’ve increasingly seen my gaming time as meditation time – there is something about that escape, getting out of your own head for a while and solving other challenges, that allows your brain to recover. Thanks for sharing.

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