Gaming cup of coffee, week 23

Almost halfway through the year, and time for another Gaming Cup of Coffee. The next week will be a crazy one as far as gaming news is concerned, even now a lot of developers find thing to say in preparations for the E3. So let’s dive into the news that stood out to me!

Are you going for Atelier Sophie?

Today is the day Atelier Sophie is being released in Europe. The game has been out a couple of days in America already. I’ve downloaded it, I’m having a blast at the moment playing Atelier Escha & Logy but I’m so curious what new stuff Sophie will to add. Some months ago I gathered some background info on Atelier Sophie, the alchemist of the Mysterious Book. By the way, when you download the game in the first four weeks, you’ll get some extras: a GUST item pack, and two free themes for your Vita.

Above are the themes you will get, I like the way they change the regular buttons too!

Box art Disney Magic World 2

This is the box art for Disney Magic World 2, looks sweet, right? The game will release on October 14, no news about a European release yet. disney-magical-world-2

E3 for XSeed games: western release date expected for the new Story of Seasons

At the upcoming E3 XSeed games will showcase several games, and the new Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns will be one of them. Release in the West is expected in 2017. Story of Seasons, trio town

More news about Digimon Universe: for the 3DS!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters in Gaming Cup of Coffee week 20, and today I can add a little more info on the game. At the time it seemed that this cross-media project would come with a mobile game, but now it seems this will be a 3DS adventure! And even before the 3DS game is released, Bandai Namco will release Appli Monsters: Cyber Arena  as a 3DS eShop download. This game will have the Appmon that can be acquired in the game, plus you will also be able to get them through QR codes from the “Appmon Chips”. These chips will be released in October in Japan, and they will be compatible with the “Appli Drive” toy, a device that has its own modes and features. The Appmon Chips will also be compatible with the smartphone app. So really a cross-media project! Check out the trailer:

National Streetpass week in honour of E3

As of today, when you log into the Nintendo eShop you’ll see an announcement about National Streetpass week in honour of the upcoming E3. Between June 10 and June 19 you will find Streetpassing people from all over when you visit a Nintendo Zone. Plus, on MiiVerse they opened Nintendo@E32016 and Game News, Videos, and Events communities. So get chatting!

National streetpuss week, E3, June 2016


It’s a pity my regular work doesn’t allow for me to really follow the E3 live, but I’ll try to keep you in the loop come next Tuesday and the days after that. So we might just drink an extra cup of coffee next week, alright? Thanks for reading, and have a good gaming week!



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  1. I have played Atelier Sophie for a few hours. It’s okay, but I think I prefer the previous games over it. The game doesn’t give you a good idea of what to do next and doesn’t even indicate when new events are available to see.

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