Gaming news with coffee, week 36

Come on in, my friend, time for our weekly gaming news  chat spiked with a bit of real life! What can I get you, your usual cup of coffee, or will it be tea?

Reminds me of how we visited Carlo’s Bake Shop in the Florida Mall in Orlando a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been watching Buddy Valastro baking the most awesome cakes in Cake Boss on tv for years, so it was fun to finally try a lobster tail and a cannoli. And let me tell you, it really was awesome! Good times!

But, back to this weeks gaming news.

Super Mario Run on iOS

You’ve already seen my blog about Nintendo’s announcement of Super Mario Run on iOS (read about it here). As you might know I’m not exactly a fan of Mario, but it was fun to see Mr. Miyamoto walk on stage at the live Apple event. What thoroughly annoys me though, is that the mobile games for Fire Emblem, and particularly for Animal Crossing have been pushed back. They are now expected before the end of March 2017.

Rune Factory’s 10th Anniversary

In honour of the release of the first game for Rune Factory on the DS, back in August 2006, Marvelous is releasing some nice stuff over in Japan. Like home screens for the 3DS that feature the series heroines, free Rune Factory 4 costumes will also be added as part of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns’ update. rune factory, home screen, 3ds

Mystic Messenger on mobile

A gaming friend of mine alerted me to this mobile otome-like app, called Mystic Messenger by Cheritz. I was curious to see what this was, a messenger app that had you chatting with some cute guys? So instead of playing/reading the heroine in the Otome visual, you actually are the lucky girl of the story.

This is the description of the game:
You stumbled upon an app called “Mystic Messenger” and downloaded it, prompted by a stranger who tells you that they’ve found this phone with an address, and if you could help them out by going to the apartment so you can tell the person living there that their phone is found. Once you opened up the messenger app it is connected to a mystic group chat with a group of nice and chatty guys. You are asked to join their secret party planning association called, and to pick up where the girl who’s phone is was stopped and the story begins…

Honestly, I don’t have the spare time to dive deep into this app, as it works just like a regular messenger. You get chat messages, email messages and sometimes they even call you. But I was impressed that somehow it feels like there are real people on the other side. And I can truly see why girls will love this kind of app game.

Dragon Quest VII is near

The release on the 3DS for Dragon Quest VII, Fragments of the Forgotten Past is near: next Friday you will be able to buy this totally remade game. I got some press material today, so I’ll just let you enjoy some of the great looking images.

That’s it for today my friends. I think I’m going to go back to happily puttering away at Animal Crossing New Leaf and Style Savvy Fashion Forward. Thanks for reading, and have a great gaming weekend!



  1. Oh, didn’t know Rune Factory’s celebrating it’s 10th anniversary! Happy anniversary, Rune Factory! May your future games be just as good as the rest (If I were good at life sims…).

    Ah yes, Dragon Quest 7’s remake! I cannot wait! I love Dragon Quest, and I can’t wait to experience the (Remade) seventh installment of the series.

    Speaking of games I’ve been playing, I’ve been on a Professor Layton and Ace Attorney spree. Well, more Ace Attorney, as I just started Dual Destinies. So far, so good. I really like Athena Cykes (The attorney introduced in that game; often mistaken as an assistant character akin to Maya Fey, Pearl Fey, and Trucy Wright) so far.

    I’ve also gotten Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright! Interesting piece of trivia, Professor Layton’s character is slightly inspired by Phoenix Wright himself. So far, so good. Thank the devs for allowing me to use hint coins in trials and puzzles! Those always stump me, as I’ve always been bad at puzzle games.

    So, what games have you been playing this week?

    1. Just like you wish you were good at life sims, I wish I could get into the Phoenix Wright series. I’ve tried the first game, and a demo of dual destinies but most of the time I’m really confused by what’s going on. But the games just look so good and different, that I want to play them! I do like Layton, so maybe the combo game would be a good entry for me.

      I’ve been playing Style Savvy, trying to get the masses in Beaumonde look fashionable. (A good thing they can’t see me sitting in my own comfy clothes, lol). And I’m renovating my ACNL town.

      1. Oh yeah, I just recently got that Mystic Messenger app. Apparently the devs, Cheritz, are the same guys who did Dandelion, a really good Otome game available on Steam.
        Mystic Messenger is surprisingly good. I quite like the characters so far. Except Jumin Han, he seems a bit like a jerk. At least he likes cats.

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