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It’s the weekend!  I had originally planned to post this article last night but things didn’t quite work out.  Well, without further ado, here’s the news.

Samantha Robertson Changes Role at Nintendo

For as long as I can remember, Samantha Robertson has been a major part of Treehouse life.  This may change, however, due to Samantha becoming the Manager of Product Marketing.  In a Tweet, the newly promotee said:

“Leaving Treehouse after eight amazing years was tough, but I’m honored to be entrusted with managing the incredible team of product marketers who support Nintendo of America’s 3rd-party business.  I can’t wait to work with Treehouse and the whole Nintendo family in new ways as we share our passion for all of the great games that developers and publishers from all over the world bring to life on our platforms.”

We wish Samantha well in her new role.

A little more info about Harvest Moon: Mineral Town

Just in case there was any doubt, Nintendo Life reported today that Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral town will be published and released for Western Markets.  In North America, the game will be published by XSEED games, and Marvellous are charged with making the game available in Europe in Australia.  Sadly, there’s still no news regarding a release date for either region.

Check out the latest Japenese trailer below

We would love to know your impressions from early footage.

Nintendo advertises for Legend of Zelda Dungeon Designers

Nintendo announced during E3 that the sequel to Breath of the Wild is in development.  Those hoping for a 2020 release will be disappointed because Nintendo of Japan is currently seeking to employ one 3D character designer and one dungeon designer.  Surely, with Nintendo still seeking to add recruits to the development team, the next instalment in the Breath of the Wild saga is still a few years off.

Does anyone fancy working in Japan for a couple of years?  This could be Evriun’s big chance!

Yokai Watch 4 Western Release Confirmed

Level 5 has confirmed that Yokai Watch 4 is coming to Europe and the US.  Sadly, there’s still no official release date, but there’s a Japanese trailer to tide us over.

eShop Sale News

From time to time we notice games we’ve reviewed in the past on offer in the Switch eShop. Check them out!

Cattails: (

Pikodoodle wrote in conclusion: “I’m impressed with the ways Cattails is different from farming RPGs: a fun hunting mechanic, colony relationships, and meaningful interaction with children.

These 23 hours of gameplay have been relaxing and satisfying. A light survival element in the form of a hunger mechanic adds stakes without adding stress. While I don’t foresee myself continuing the game much longer or replaying it, I would recommend it to gamers who love cats and the farming RPG genre.

Cattails is a smaller, less diverse game than Stardew Valley but well-executed. While there’s no farming, it’s no loss. The substitute for farming — hunting — is actually more enjoyable and provides instant gratification once you’ve levelled up enough.”

The Stillness of the Wind (

Yvonne wrote in conclusion: “This game will stay with me for a long time, even if it’s only three hours in play time. It’s a game about old age, about loneliness and losing the people around you. It’s also a game about stubbornly carry on and about old friendships.

Don’t play it if you are looking for a farming sim. Don’t play it if you are looking for a time management game. Play it if you want to experience something special, but do consider which device you will play it on.”

So that’s it from me.  I and the team at ladiesgamers wish you all a great weekend.

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