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Gaming News Week 16

Come on in, get yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and pull up a chair.

April and May are always more relaxed months for me as we have more than average amounts of days off from work. Second Easter Day, the King’s Birthday, Ascension Day, Second Whitsun Day…great! I’m not complaining, I can certainly make use of the extra time off.
There’s a lot of news to share, so let me give you the news that caught our eye this week; enjoy!

Camper Van: Make it Home

Do you love arranging and organizing things too? I do, especially in games. I even wrote about it a while back. If you love that too, there’s a Kickstarter live you need to check out: Camper Van: Make it Home. This satisfying game invites you to create your own home space in a van combining elements of block organization puzzle games and interior design. Decorate and organize all your objects while you discover step by step what led our protagonist to embark on this journey.

The project was funded within 16 hours, and with two more weeks to go, is now working towards the stretch goals. One of which is getting the game on Switch! Here’s the Kickstarter itself. 

Limited Edition: Zelda “Tears of the Kingdom” NeoGrip

Some of us are counting the days until May 12th and the release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. We got news that Skull&Co. has a NeoGrip now that plays into the Tears of the Kingdom theme. With 3 interchangeable grips that are designed to fit comfortably, Paula and I can both testify that it’s a joy to use and very comfortable!

Want to know more? Here’s how to order the limited edition NeoGrip.

Mineko’s Night Market Has a Date

In the Indie Direct Showcase last week we saw quite some footage Mineko’s Night Market, and a release date: September 26th this year. In the game, you play as Mineko, a curious girl who has just arrived at her new home on a struggling Japanese-inspired island at the base of Mount Fugu. The superstitious locals on the island worship the Sun Cat, Nikko. What was always thought to be a long-told myth has the town puzzled, as sightings of Nikko have begun to surface among the residents of the island in recent days. Check out the trailer.

Firmament Has a Release Date

Firmament, made by studio Cyan (behind games like Myst) is coming to Steam on May 18th. This puzzle-adventure game will feature deep storytelling and world-building. Discover the story of this seemingly abandoned world as you explore and unlock the mysteries of 3 unique Realms… and beyond! You can find more info on the Steam page.

My Time at Sandrock for Summer 2023

Another simulation game with crafting, farming and fighting that we are looking forward to is My Time at Sandrock. In the Indie Direct Showcase we heard it will make it to Switch this Summer. We loved My Time at Portia back then, and this is the second game in the same vein made by Pathea. Paula looked at the Early Access version on Steam and gave us her thoughts, writing in the conclusion:

My Time at Sandrock is a standalone game; you don’t have to have played Portia to be able to enjoy it. The game takes new characters to a new location and updates some mechanics for the better. However, if you have played the previous game, it will feel very familiar, like returning home to see an old friend.

New Content For Stardew Valley

In a surprise announcement, Stardew Valley is getting new content with update 1.6. The developer and publisher, ConcernedApe, shared on Twitter that he is pausing his work on his new game “Haunted Chocolatier” to work on the update, which will allow modders to mod Stardew Valley elements more easily.
There will also be some new game content for regular players such as new dialogue, but nothing else is known yet, including the release date. It’s no small feat for a game, released 6 years ago, to still be getting somewhat regular updates with new game content. It is really a testament to the creativity and loyalty of its creator and player base. Another thing to note is the fact in a reality where more and more publishers are cracking down on modders, with Stardew Valley we have a developer who not only is allowing modders but also actively trying to make it easier for them!

A Little to the Left DLC

A Little to the Left, is a game that Mina reviewed for us and wrote this in her conclusion:

A Little To The Left is a wonderful game. It’s unique, it’s fun, it’s frustrating, it’s polished, and I’ve never seen anything like it before. In spite of the handful of annoyances, it was so worth playing. I am so glad that there will be Daily challenges in this game because I would sorely miss it if it was all over with. Overall, a wonderful title.

It’s available on Steam and the Switch and now we have news that there is going to be DLC in June 2023, called Cupboards and Drawers. It looks equally good, check it out!

Ooblets Spring Update and Sale

In Ooblets, the happy sim with crafting, farming and collecting cute Ooblets, has a Spring update live till the end of May. It’s only once a year of course that you collect Spring clothes and wallpaper, collect Spring petals to craft three rarities at the Spring crafting table. And there’s even a limited-time Ooblet alert! You can find more about the Spring update here.

And if you want to try the game: until April 26th you can get a discount on Ooblets on the Switch. The price is 33,3% reduced from £ 26.99|$ 29.99|€ 29,99 to £ 17.99|$ 19.99|€ 19,99. We like the game a lot, our review is here and our beginners guide is here.

Ooblets LadiesGamers

Quilts and Cats of Calico

Another game shown in the Indie Direct Showcase was Quilts and Cats of Calico, coming to the Switch in the Autumn of 2023. Quilts and Cats of Calico is a wholesome digital adaptation of the puzzle board game for 1-4 players. Meet the adorable cats and sew the cosiest quilts. Compete against other players in multiplayer gameplay, play solo or delve into the story of a tailor battling a large corporation

Looks good, though I must admit I don’t know the puzzle board game. Here’s the trailer:

That’s it again for this week! Thanks for reading and join me again for a cup of coffee or tea next week!


  1. It’s nice to see Skull&Co getting into limited edition colors! My Switch lite is unplayable without those grips. The only downside is it makes the Switch so bulke that it’s really not great for travel.

      1. True, but I’m spoiled beyond belief by handhelds. Want to bring 3DS? Put in bag and go. PS Vita? Same. Even the Switch Lite is a chore by comparison.

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