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Gaming News Week 27

Come on in, get yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and pull up a chair.

It’s been a year tomorrow that my mother passed away. My brother and I have planned a gathering of sorts to get together and remember her. Meanwhile, to be honest, I still think of her on a daily basis. But it’s good to dredge up all the fond memories again.
Anyway, let’s take a look at the news that caught our eye this week; enjoy!

DLC for Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key

As if the final Atelier Ryza game isn’t big enough already, did you know there’s also paid DLC available? Of course, you need to have the base game to play it, but this Atelier Ryza 3 Season Pass is available for US $ 44.99| UK £ 36.99| EU € 44,99

This is the content of the Season Pass. You can also buy them separately, but getting the Season Pass as a package also gives you the “GUST Collaboration” Costume Set. This is a set of 2 costumes for Ryza based on young Plachta’s and Ramizel’s outfits from Atelier Sophie 2.

1. “Endless Summer Splash!” Costume Set: 11 swimsuits, one for each party member

2. “Far East Travelers” Costume Set: 9 Eastern-themed costumes, one each for Ryza, Klaudia, Lent, Tao, Patricia, Bos, Frederica, Dian and Kala.

3. Recipe Expansion Pack “Alchemy Mysteries”: 10 useful new recipes and 10 traits plus 20 ingredients for synthesis (you have to gather them from various areas).

4. Recipe Expansion Pack “Art of Adventure”: 15 new recipes for attack/healing/support items that can be used in combat. And also 5 new ingredients associated with the Core Ingredients category.

5. Additional Area “Rosca Island”: this is a new region to explore, which also has unique World Quests

6. Gust Extra BGM Pack: a set of more than 400 BGM tracks from Gust titles.

And don’t forget, there are also two free to download DLC:
Atelier Series Legacy BGM Pack, a set of more than 1,000 tracks!
Additional Area “Ashra-am Baird Outlying Areas: a new exploration area and World Quests based on the outlying regions of the royal capital.

Odencat’s Paradise Collection Physical

Odencat announced that a collection of two of its titles is now available as a Switch physical cartridge thanks to Limited Run Games starting today. Pre-orders close on Sunday, July 30th, 2023, at 11:59 PM Eastern Time

Odencat’s Paradise Collection bundles Fishing Paradiso and Bear’s Restaurant in one cartridge together for the first time, with the soundtrack to both games available as an add-on.

In addition, Odencat will celebrate the Steam Summer Sale with all three of its PC releases on sale now. Fishing Paradiso is 25% discounted, as is Bear’s Restaurant. Meg’s Monsters is 20% discounted, all three until July 13, 2023.

Fresh Start Coming to Consoles

The cleaning simulator Fresh Start, which I reviewed and loved on Steam, is now heading to consoles too. Later this year, you can start your mission to clean up the world and restore nature to its fresh and colourful state on the Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

If you’ve played No Place Like Home, you’ll no doubt see familiar things in your quest to clean up, as both games are made by the same developer.

Lost in Play on Mobile

Feel-good adventure game Lost in Play is coming to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store on the 12th of July. We loved this award-winning game in our review.

Follow the journey of two siblings, Toto and Gal, who traverse the surreal realms and form bonds with extraordinary creatures. Lost in their imagination, Toto and Gal must stick together to unravel unique puzzles and navigate their way back home. It is an uplifting and magical journey that will evoke a sense of nostalgia and take you back to the carefree days of youthful adventures.

lost in play LadiesGamers

Pikmin Terrarium Collection

How good do these look? I’m always in awe of such small miniature things, and these look lovely!

Dolphin Spirits – Ocean Mission Coming

In Dolphin Spirit – Ocean Mission, you embark on a fantastic adventure and immerse yourself in the heritage of your ancestors to unlock the secrets of the magical totems. Discover the hidden treasures of underwater life with your sidekick Keanu, the dolphin. Take part in the conservation missions of the local association and take photos of the island’s wildlife to complete your codex. Marvel at the rich marine ecosystem and learn how to preserve it. Use your power to help the endangered marine life. Looking at the release trailer, this promises to be a nice wholesome game.

Dolphin Spirit – Ocean Mission will be available in Europe on September 28th, 2023, on retail and digital for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch and on digital versions only for Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC. In North America, the retail versions will be available on October 17th.

Free Update for Dredge

Last March, James donned his wellies and his wax coat and took up a career as a fisherman in Dredge. He loved it, saying:

The tackle reeled me in and never let go. DREDGE is the most fun I have had in a fishing game to date, and it gets my highest recommendation.

Now, a new, free update is here, introducing additional deep-sea aberrations, wildlife events, a new monster to inflict trepidation into any fisherperson, and two new modes to the game: Passive Mode and Photo Mode.

Check out the new update here; Dredge is available on consoles and Steam:

Zelda Gaming Quiz

With the Summer Holidays approaching, you might have some more time on your hands. Our Legend of Zelda Quiz is still live, so why not try how high you can score?

That’s it for this week; thanks for reading!

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