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Gaming News Week 28

Come on in, get yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and pull up a chair.

We had an exciting week, as our daughter, Caroline, got her diploma from her Front End and UX Designer college. There were festivities, official photographs and a nice celebration dinner. A new phase is starting in her life!
Anyway, let’s take a look at the news that caught our eye this week; enjoy!

Pixel Cafe Pours Into Devices Fall 2023!

Meet Pixel, a bright-eyed barista navigating the ups and downs of work and personal life. In Pixel Cafe, we get to explore both the past and present and see how memories of her Grandparents shaped her life.

Pixel Cafe is a rich blend of arcade-style time manager and visual novel that is packaged in hand-crafted pixel art style. With ten incredibly distinct cafes (and their quirky owners) to manage, you’ll hone your barista and chef skills across various settings. Learning and mastering new recipes, and keeping customers delighted even in the most challenging circumstances, are all part of the adventure.

This interesting game will simultaneously release on Nintendo Switch, Steam, Xbox and PlayStation in Fall 2023.

Summer DLC for LEGO Bricktales

Head to the beach and celebrate Summer in LEGO® Bricktales with a new free Summer-themed DLC available this week on PC and coming soon to consoles and mobile. A band is booked to play at the Summer festival but has lost their stage builders. That’s where you step in and use your brick-building skills to help them build and design everything they need to put on a spectacular show!

In the DLC, you get a new Summer-themed diorama to play in, five new construction puzzles, including speaker scaffolding, animated stage LEDs and a fireworks display, one traversal puzzle, three new wardrobe items and two new music tracks.

Alekon Demo on Switch

Alekon, a fresh uptake on a photography game, now has a demo on Switch. When I reviewed the game I was surprised by the great text writing and lots of humour. Exploring Alekon is lovely, and I enjoyed finding new Fictions, or new poses for Fictions I already had in Dream’s Doorstep. Though I’m not a big fan of mini-games, they are imaginative and fun if you are into them.

It’s a special kind of game, and if you want to see if you’d like it, there is a demo now on Switch!


The Repair House Coming

So you like the shows where they take old items and lovingly restore them to their former awesomeness? You can soon try your hand at that in The Repair House, set to release on July 19 on Steam.

“Set up your repair house just the way you like it. Layout your tools, unlock new equipment and expand the space to open up new restoration opportunities. Get creative with the painting station to colour, spray, stamp, and stencil your newly restored items however you wish.

Bid for unique items at the auction house and explore old barns for rare items to restore. Find hidden gems in the flea market and restore them for a hefty profit. Take a chance and bid for abandoned storage lots with mystery contents, figuring out what they have to offer from the outside only. Will you end up with far more than you paid for… or far less?”

The Shape of Things Coming to Switch

When Mina reviewed the cosy little puzzler The Shape of Things, she found it is reminiscent of playing with a Rubrics Cube, as players have to twist pieces to assemble items.

She wrote in her conclusion:

The Shape of Things is so cute, it’s super fun, and the smooth gameplay and the puzzles are well-considered. Minus the couple of things I had issues with, The Shape of Things was nearly perfect. I love it so much.

In addition, the game is cute, fun, relaxing, and worth picking up if you love these kinds of adorable little puzzle games.

The good news is that the game now has a release date on Switch: August 31st.

The Shape of Things Review

Gameplay Trailer Harvest Moon: Winds of Anthos

We haven’t had much insight yet into the next Harvest Moon title, Winds of Anthos, aside from a release date of September 26th. But now, we have the first gameplay trailer! I must say, I really like what I’m seeing. Enjoy!

That’s it for this week; thanks for reading!

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