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Gaming News Week 30

Come on in, get yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and pull up a chair.

While away on holiday in Scotland I’m keeping an eye on the news incoming, but it’s slim pickings. It seems that the news is taking a break too!

So a short news segment this time!

Cerebral Puzzle Showcase 2023

The puzzle game industry is coming together to celebrate games that make you think. Organised by the appropriately named Thinky Games group with the support of puzzle game developer/publisher Draknek & Friends (A Monster’s Expedition, A Good Snowman is Hard to Build, Bonfire Peaks) and puzzle games fund Astra Games, the Cerebral Puzzle Showcase 2023 was announced.

The event will be taking place from 3rd to 7th August on Steam and will feature over 200 puzzle games (Viewfinder, The Case of the Golden Idol, Outer Wilds); over 40 demos, including several demo premieres; 9 games launches; and livestreams and interviews.

Limited Edition for Rune Factory 3 Special

On September 5th the remake of Rune Factory 3 Special is coming to the Switch. Now, you can pre-order the special edition of the game, the Golden Memories Limited Edition. It includes:

  • A physical copy of Rune Factory 3 Special
  • Custom outer box featuring an original illustration
  • A 6″ × 4″ acrylic standee featuring protagonists from recent titles
  • An original soundtrack CD
  • A custom 5″ × 8″ planner containing in-game seasons and real world calendar
  • Exclusive “Swimsuit Mode” DLC

Update for Everdream Valley

The developer of Everdream Valley is hard at work behind the screens.
Steam and Switch players will get a patch soon that includes:

  • Resolved issues with saves (especially for our beloved Switch players)
  • Quality of life enhancements for dealing with those pesky aggressive geese
  • Improved organization of storage boxes for easier inventory management
  • Instant cooking after perfectly completing a dish 10 times
  • Added pumpkins, strawberries, and potatoes to enrich your world
  • Reduced amount of 💩…well, you know

the dog my character chose and my character itself, ready to train the dog by throwing sticks

Simon the Sourcerer Origins

Simon the Sorcerer Origins, the prequel to the iconic 1993 point-and-click adventure from publisher Leonardo Interactive and developer Smallthing Studios, conjures a 2024 launch on PC via Steam, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and Nintendo Switch. 

Thirty years after the young spellcaster first appeared in his debut adventure, Simon the Sorcerer Origins captures the magic of the beloved adventure series with a new prequel story. Brought to life with beautiful hand-drawn visuals and support for both traditional point-and-click controls and modern, direct control inputs, the 2024 release will capture the sarcasm and heart of gaming’s most charming young sorcerer!

All Aboard!

Did you, or do you love playing with your miniature railway set? Maybe Station to Station, coming to Steam in 2023, is for you. In Station to Station, your world starts small with a handful of rural structures. Place stations and create connections to foster growth and expansion. The more connections you build, the more your area will grow, bringing with it a vibrant, lush environment full of life and color!

In this voxel-art game you will breathe life into the dry desert sands, and transform the untamed mountain terrain. Build and watch your tranquil world come to life with an ever-widening tapestry of flora and fauna! And you can now give it a try as there’s a demo available on Steam, so don your conductor’s cap and download it

Alchemy Garden Coming to Consoles

Alchemy sure is popular these days! We’ve already reviewed quite a number of games based on Alchemy and now Jandusoft announced another one. It’s called Alchemy Garden, and while it’s already available on Steam, it’s now coming to the Switch, Xbox One, Xbox series, PS4, PS5 and Epic. Release date for this is September 7.

In the game, you can customize the appearance of your alchemist to your liking, with various types of eyes, hairstyles and outfits! Craft and discover a wide variety of potions through experiments using all kinds of plants and minerals. Run your own alchemy shop and sell plants, potions and minerals. The price of your goods will vary depending on the state of your shop, the variety and the satisfaction of your customers. Sometimes your customers will want to haggle over the price. Take care of your plants and decorate your garden by placing fences, lights, fountains and much more furniture! You can also buy the adjacent land to expand your custom environment.

Sounds good huh? Here’s the announcement trailer.

That’s it for this week; thanks for reading!

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