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Gaming News Week 31

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It’s still very quiet in the world of gaming while I’m away on my holiday. Although I did have the pleasure of watching games of a very different kind here in Scotland: Highland Games. What an experience! Here’s this week’s news.

Survival Strategy Game The Ancients

A new turn-based survival strategy game is coming, called The Ancients. The game is developed by Gorilla Softworks and published by Camlann Games and is expected to come to Steam in early access this November.

In The Ancients you lead a prehistoric hunter-gatherer tribe through the last ice age. Survive the elements, hunt fierce animals, migrate to new continents, advance your technology, make social and political tribe decisions, and evolve your civilization. Check out the video!

Nostalgic Trailer A Wonderful Life

A few months ago, Story of Seasons: a Wonderful Life, came to Switch. I reviewed this remake of the original called Harvest Moon: a Wonderful Life myself ( find my thoughts here). Marvelous made a nice new trailer for the game, full of nostalgia and fun to watch.

Announcement for Another Atelier Game

It would seem that Gust and Koei Tecmo doesn’t take any rest. It’s been only one month since the remake for Atelier Marie was released, and already they are teasing an announcement for what could be a new Atelier game! We will have to wait until August 8 to satisfy our curiosity.

Fashion Dreamer Release Date

Fashion and communication title Fashion Dreamer, developed by syn Sophia, Inc., will be launching exclusively on the Nintendo Switch™ system in North America and Europe this November 3. Additionally, there will also be a physical edition with preorders starting soon at participating retailers.

Very interesting indeed, as the games we know so well on the 3DS, Style Boutique/ Style Savvy, were also developed by Syn Sophia! But that IP is owned by Nintendo, and Fashion Dreamer will be published by Marvelous. So, is this the next Style Savvy all but in name? What can we expect? This is from the press release:

Fashion Dreamer is a creative-focused game where players can express their unique styles using their avatar, called a Muse. Designers can create their own iconic looks from cozy casualwear to chic couture, choosing from hundreds of available options that can be customized to be a truly one-of-a-kind look.

Once players find their signature style, they can show off their latest outfits across different areas, called Cocoons. There, they can also explore inspiring new fashions from other Muses whether playing on- or offline or display them in their showroom to garner even more attention and Likes for their brand.

Players can also increase their influence by completing design challenges, unlocking even more customization options to elevate their brand. Featuring asynchronous multiplayer, the world of Eve is inhabited by the Muses of designers from around the globe, allowing players to find inspiration or earn Likes for their most iconic fit virtually anywhere!

Two Point Campus: Medical School DLC

Two Point Campus is getting a major DLC addition, arriving on August 17th on all platforms for £8.99. The DLC is called Medical School and takes its inspiration from the original Two Point Hospital to bring a whole batch of new levels, new gameplay mechanics, and lots and lots of icky illnesses to treat. The description below is from the press release:

“Players will start their educational journeys at the idyllic Lake Tumble, where they’ll meet Two Point County’s roaming remedy master Vitality Johnson. Before long, you’ll be shipped off to Molten Rock, where an ancient volcano is turning up the heat on sickly visitors and medical staff – and that’s before you even start to deal with Dr. Briney Seadog and her band of pirates. Finally, you’ll come face to face once again with Bartholomew F. Yeti at Pointy Peak, where the only things more chilling than the weather are our thermometers.

What’s a medical school without plenty of students and sundries to populate it? We’ve added doctors and nurses as new student types, six new room types, and over 60 new items to help you diagnose and de-stress your patients. There’s the Head Clinic and its admittedly daunting Noggin’ Nabber, or the Psychiatry room and its much less threatening sofa. You’ll have plenty of returning illnesses to determine, like a classic case of “Brain Farts” or “Lightheadedness.”

Last but not least, Two Point Campus: Medical School introduces new challenges for students and their mentors to overcome. If your patients’ health takes a nosedive, they may come back as ghosts to haunt the halls, forcing your already overworked janitorial staff to clean up the spooky (and sticky) mess. Leave your medical machinery running without proper care and you’ll run the risk of burning the whole place down. Deal with massive influxes of patients during emergencies, with the occasional arrival via helipad, or swab the deck with pesky pirate practitioners who are looking for more than one way to cut costs.”

Check out the trailer below:

Tenth Anniversary The Room

Fireproof Games celebrates ten years of The Room with a tenth-anniversary sale across Switch, Steam and mobile this September

Enter The Room, the BAFTA-award-winning game that has captured the minds of puzzlers across the globe, and begin a compelling journey shrouded in mystery. Of course, we reviewed the game too, find the review here.

You will be able to purchase the remastered editions of The Room and The Room Two on Nintendo Switch and begin a compelling journey shrouded in mystery; both games will be 85% off on the UK Nintendo eShop, and 80% off in the US from September 1st until September 22nd.

All existing The Room titles will also be discounted up to 90% off on Steam from September 1st to September 14th; and up to 75% off on Google Play Store from September 1st until September 8th.

Increase in Income Nintendo

Nintendo has released their financial report for Q1 2024, from April to June this year ( their financial year runs from April to April). No surprise that the sales of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom account for a huge portion of their profit.

In less than two months, 18,51 million units of the game have been sold, accounting for almost half of all software sales during Q1. With this they reached their highest level ever for sales of first-party software in any Q1.

Looking at their financial results, I see their income rose as well due to an increase in royalties and income from visual content related to The Super Mario Bros. Movie!

Image from the Nintendo Financial Results, 1st Quarter of Fiscal Year Ending March 2024

That’s it for this week; thanks for reading!

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