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Gaming News Week 33

Come on in, get yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and pull up a chair.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly the memory of a holiday fades once you start back at your job again? The good thing is that pretty soon, it’s like you never left!
It feels like the gaming world is gearing up towards GamesCom, so everyone is saving their news for next week. We have found some snippets for this week, too though! Here’s this week’s news.

Launch date Untamed Tactics

Are you in the mood for a turn-based RPG experience set in a world filled with vibrant and diverse animals? When you take on the persona of Greycoat, a disgraced soldier seeking redemption and freedom from a troubled past, you can experience an adventure in the breathtaking world of the Wild.

In Untamed Tactics, you can customize your hero with unique runes and abilities and experiment with different combinations of skills, strategies and abilities to triumph over challenges and claim victory. In the Wilds, you can explore to your heart’s content, unlock additional characters and get permanent upgrades to enhance your adventure.

Check out the trailer to see if it’s a game for you. Untamed Tactics is available from August 28 on Steam.

Wildermender Demo

Indie developers Muse Games (developers of Guns of Icarus, Embr) have announced that their next game, Wildmender, will launch on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5 on September 28th. Published by Kwalee, Wildmender is a desert survival gardening game.

You start from a tiny desert spring and cultivate your oasis amongst the desert sands. Collect plants to grow whilst exploring the world, craft structures, and harness magical essence. You’ll have to manage your food and water as you journey across the dunes, the drained sea, poisoned canyons and cold and distant mountains. The further you go, the greater your perils and rewards! You’ll need to travel far to learn the secrets of the life-draining wraiths that corrupt the land and how to beat them.

Wildmender features:

  • Dozens of plant species to cultivate and grow, each with a variety of cultivars to be discovered
  • 50+ craftable structures and tools to build and manage your perfect garden
  • 75+ unlockable perks and ability upgrades
  • 1-4 player online Co-op multiplayer
  • Procedurally generated world for a unique challenge every replay
  • Difficulty settings and game modes that can be adjusted on the fly

This promises to be a game of some 40 hours to complete the main storyline, so there is enough work on your hands. Best of all, you can already try it, as there’s a demo in the Steam shop!

When at GamesCom 2023 next week I have the pleasure of interviewing Cameron Bajus, the designer, so stay tuned!

Scottish Steam Sale

With my holiday in Scotland just behind me, it was fun to see this nudge Paula gave me for the news. The Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity has announced the Scottish Games Steam Sale launch.

The week-long event, which starts on September 7th, will raise funds in aid of the Games for the Weans campaign and feature more than 50 titles from developers and publishers across Scotland. Games like NoCode, Brilliant Skies, Nerial, Ninja Kiwi, Polygon Treehouse, Secret Mode, Ant Workshop and Blazing Griffin.

Robots Can Dunk

A while back, James penned down his impressions of the prologue of RoboDunk, a basketball game with robots that combines the thrills of basketball with the rogue-lite genre of all things. Developer Jollypunch Games is bringing the full game to Steam and Switch, with a release date of September 25th, 2023.

Take on enemy teams in this high-energy experience. Use robo-charged tackles and high-powered weapons like lasers and shock rings. Outwit your opponents by turning spiked rollers, jump pads, and other court hazards with up to three other friends in local multiplayer, 2-player coop or solo play. Check out the trailer of RoboDunk!

Grab your Broom, Ready your Cauldron

Tiny Witch is coming to PC via Steam on September 1st. In Tiny Witch, you are a little witch who, unfortunately, keeps buying stores that come with a curse. To break the curse, she must run each store situated in towns full of dungeon masters for ten days. Activate spells, unlock new recipes and prepare the best minions in time to become the ultimate shop manager!

  • Mixing and Manufacturing Minions: Create resources by mixing them in the pounder or boiling them in the cauldron, then manufacture minions by mixing magical resources on your alchemy table!
  • Customers and Consequences: Deliver the requested minions to the customers or suffer the consequences! Different kinds of customers have varying tempers and willingness to give you tips.
  • Expansion and Experience: Purchase new resources, pounders, and more to improve your store! There are different stages, such as the organisation stage, where you can buy decorations and pets.

More info about Tiny Witch is here on the Steam page.

That’s it for this week; thanks for reading!

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