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Gaming News Week 35

Come on in, get yourself a nice cup of coffee or tea and pull up a chair.

It would seem Summer is over, or so nature is telling us. Over here, it’s raining cats and dogs (fortunately without the actual critters, lol). But still, walking with our real dogs is no fun today. 

Anyway, here’s this week’s news.

Last Chance to Participate in the Survey

In this YvoCaro Plays, I talked about how difficult it is to explain Animal Crossing to a non-gamer. You can describe exactly what it is you do on your island, but it’s so much more than that. Maybe I should have talked about the health benefits, as researching the internet, I found articles about the health benefits of Animal Crossing. It is very intriguing that Animal Crossing, a game I dearly love, and I suspect so do many of you, has such a profound effect on people.

We made a survey to hear your opinion, and it’s close to closing! So, last chance to participate!

Link to the Survey 

Pioneers of Pagonia Release date

Medieval City Builder, Pioneers of Pagonia, has a release date for Early Access on Steam: December 13 2023! The city builder Pioneers of Pagonia is all about exploration, discovery, and reuniting the fantastical islands of Pagonia. Build over 40 different buildings, use more than 70 different types of goods, manage widely branched production chains, and get creative in establishing your economy.

But you don’t have to wait until December for a first try. The first public demo will release in early October, shortly before Steam Next Fest. You can Wishlist the game on Steam to get notified!

Action Roguelike Cuisineer

Marvelous Europe and Xseed Games have announced this week that Cuisineer, the upcoming food-focused action roguelite, will be releasing this November 9th on Windows PC via Steam.

One day, Pom returns to her hometown of Paell to see her parents only to find their restaurant closed for business and deep in debt. Now, she must re-open the restaurant and make it thrive. To collect ingredients from the land Pom pursues adventure in the world outside Paell, wielding her cooking utensils against giant chickens, artillery shrimps, fire-breathing peppers, and other pesky perils, sipping boba tea along the way. Cook up a frenzy and grow the derelict eatery into a sensational restaurant that will make Pom’s parents proud.

DreamWorks Kids Bundle

UNICEF and Outright Games have a strong, long-term partnership. This partnership started in March 2023, making Outright Games the first official video game industry partner for UNICEF UK. Outright Games is dedicated to donating £200,000 annually to charity.

The funds raised will support UNICEF’s Resources for Results Fund, which helps the charity respond quickly to humanitarian crises and provide resources to children in their times of greatest need.

You will find games like DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders, DreamWorks Spirit Lucky’s Big Adventure and DreamWorks Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia for £19.99/EUR 19.99/$19.99. The DreamWorks Kids Bundle for the various consoles can be found here:

A Tiny Sticker Tale is Coming

Do you remember, from when you were young, the laminated books you had with stickers that you could remove afterwards? You could make a scene on the page, take it all off again and try for something new. That’s what A Tiny Sticker Tale reminds me of. This cosy miniature adventure is developed by Ogre Pixel and was featured in showcases such as Wholesome Direct. Use stickers to solve puzzles when it turns the page onto Nintendo Switch and PC and Mac via Steam on Wednesday, October 4th, 2023.

Uncover the whereabouts of a long-lost father as Flynn, an adorable donkey on an emotional journey about joy, love, safety and perseverance. Convert children’s book-inspired surroundings into stickers through the power of a magical sticker album gifted by Flynn’s father. Turn roadblocks into paths, move the sun to brighten up dark beaches, and help fuzzy new friends met along the way. Settle into this cozy adventure, collecting an assortment of stickers to solve clever multi-solution puzzles, decorate the colorful Figori Island, and help Flynn reconnect with their father on an adventure of self-discovery.

Free New Content for A Little to the Left

Brand new content for A Little to the Left is here! This free update offers a few snackable new levels and a good scrubbing of the rest of the game for the best tidying experience yet. And if you missed out on our seasonal content last year, you can try it out right now.

You will get three new puzzles that come as part of the Deep Clean update, adding two new puzzle types into the Daily Tidy mode and a fan-requested Archive mode.

The Archive grants all players permanent access to previous limited-time seasonal puzzles, including the Good Tidying pack from December 2022 and the Something Eggstra pack from April 2023. All future seasonal puzzles will also be added to the Archive.

Creature Collecting Life Sim Moonstone Island

Indie developer Studio Supersoft and publisher Raw Fury revealed that Moonstone Island, the creature-collecting life-sim, will debut on September 20th 2023. Set in an open world with over 100 islands to explore, it will be priced at €19.50 with a 15% launch discount via Steam, with Nintendo Switch following later.

The video features original hand-drawn animation calling to mind the many Studio Ghibli classics which helped inspire the game, including Kiki’s Delivery Service and Castle in the Sky. Spend a year away from home on an island in the clouds: make friends, brew potions, tame Spirits, and test your Spirit party’s strength in card-based encounters to complete your alchemy training!

15% Off Pre-Orders Paleo Pines

The release of Paleo Pines is getting close: September 26th, 2023. And if you plan on befried the dinosaurs, you can pre-order the game on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5 and Xbox One and Series X.

In Paleo Pines, you arrive on an island populated with friendly dinosaurs and welcoming townsfolk. When you arrive in Paleo Pines, you’ll move into an old ranch that you must fix up. You can enlist the dinosaurs you befriend to help fix it up and grow crops too. Make your own patch of paradise with the help of the townsfolk of Pebble Plaza and the newfound friendship of the wild dinosaurs of the region. And aside from farming, it’s up to you and your trusty Parasaurolophus, Lucky, to uncover the lost history of Paleo Pines.

Charming Soccer RPG Button City Soccer Days

Remember narrative adventure Button City? We gave this game our highest praise with Two Thumbs Up. We felt it was the perfect game for a relaxed, stress-free gaming session spent in the company of adorable Fennel and his friends in the Fluff Squad.

You can now rejoin the wholesome cast of Button City as they compete in Button City Soccer Days when it releases on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 4|5 in 2024.

The thrill of competition surges in anticipation for the upcoming soccer season. Bring together Fennel Fox and his anthropomorphic friends – the Fluff Squad – to go for the gold in the championship! Team up with the group’s former rivals, the Tuff Fluffs, against evil fluffy cat Pepperbottom’s no-good plot to take over the tournament with pro players in another greed-fueled corporate endeavour. Manage the team by completing daily tasks and warming up for a season full of games. Compare player stats to build a compatible roster and help them train for each match. Shoot and score in competitive matches and move up the trials bracket. Mind the weather, inclement conditions, and injuries will affect the narrative.

You can compete in Story, Free Play, and Local Multiplayer modes and get in the game with friends!

Great Scott! Back to the Future Special Pack for Powerwash Simulator

The Back to the Future Special Pack is coming to PowerWash Simulator. For $7.99|€7.99|£6.49, this expansion will be available later this year on Steam, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

In the new Back to the Future Special Pack, players will have the opportunity to travel back in time to hose down iconic movie sets and props inspired by the Back to the Future franchise from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment, including Doc Brown’s van, the Time Machine, Hill Valley Clocktower, the Holomax Theatre and Doc’s Time Train. Plus, there are ten new achievements to collect in-game.

That’s it for this week; thanks for reading!

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