Gaming news week 35

Time for some gaming news! Jonah has been enjoying a week off, so you’ve been deprived of the news….I shall try to make it up to you!

Shadows of Tomorrow looks promising

ST Studios is currently developing Shadows of Tomorrow: the Secret Files, a stealth game. Not just any stealth game: it’s going to be an interactive experience that intends to educate you at the same time. In the game, you will encounter several 20th century scenarios that were considered crucial. Events that cast their shadows over tomorrow, and which we still feels the effects of today.

The first mission, that’s already finished, you take on the role of one of the burglars during the 1972 Watergate Hotel event. You will have to bugg devices, steal documents and acquire artifacts of that time period. Subsequent missions will take you to Iran in 1980 to participate in the rescue of US embassy personnel in Tehran, followed by a 1986 mission in Ukraine to revive the Chernobyl incident, and later in 1989 to participate in the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The game is sure to come to PC and PS4, and maybe to the Switch. It looks intriguing, check out the trailer!

Overcooked 2 celebrates National Dog Day

To celebrate National Dog Day, Team 17 is offering two lucky people the chance to win an official Overcooked! 2 Kevin plushie and pin set plus a digital key for the Overcooked! 2 Season Pass.

All you have to do is create a piece of artwork that includes Kevin the dog. This can be in any medium of your choosing – whether you want to create something digitally, sketch with pencils or craft with mashed potato! Then you’ll need to share this on social media so we can see it! How you go about this, you can find if you click this link. 

Root Letter: the Last Answer is in the Nintendo eShop

PQube has brought Root Letter to the European eShop, and the American version will follow on September 3rd. I played the original version on the Vita years ago, and loved it. In this visual novel adventure you are cast in the role of Takayuki, a young man that is set to leave for another city to pursue a career.

While tidying his room, Takayuki re-discovers letters from his old pen pal, Aya. For some reason one is unopened, and chillingly reads, “I killed someone. I must atone for my sins.”  Where most people might let it go and go on to their new life, Takayuki takes a detour to visit Aya’s home town of Matsue. Arriving at the address he discovers that Aya’s house burnt down 15 years prior. And to make matters worse, everyone claims that Aya Fumino died 25 years ago. The mystery is born.

Expect a review on the site in future, and check out the trailer meanwhile:

Fifty Words by POWGI: casual puzzler on Switch

On September 5th POWGI will bring another casual puzzler to the Switch. Fifty Words has no grid, no wrong letters and no list of words to find. Each puzzle just contains 50 intertwined words on a subject. As players discover the words, they paint them with a rainbow of vibrant highlights to create a unique piece of blended colour art.

As a less-challenging word search puzzle, the game is intended to be a relaxing experience of word exploration among a sea of colour. With a customisable palette, users can put their own stamp on the game and the end result of every puzzle is a piece of colour-blended art, unique to that player. There’s already a demo in the eShop if you can’t wait to give it a try. Expect a review on the site too!

Moving Out: chaotic moving simulator

Team 17 has teamed up with SMG Studio and DevM Games to bring chaotic moving simulator Moving Out to Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2020! Still a while away of course, but it looks like a very cool party game!

That’s it everyone. Enjoy your weekend, and happy gaming!

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