Gaming News Weekend 13

It’s that time again, time to look at last weeks gaming news. With Corona (COVID-19) the world has come to a standstill. Even the gaming news seems scarce! Maybe it’s because so many gamers are playing Animal Crossing New Horizons! A good thing Nintendo decided to surprise us with a mini Direct, that Paige wrapped up for us. But, we managed to round a few other snippets up too.

This weekend, there’s news about SoS: Friends of Mineral Town, Grand Guilds card game, Save your nuts, Miles & Kilo on 3DS and Shantae and the Seven Sirens coming.

Strawberry Cow in SoS: Friends of Mineral Town

The Story of Seasons (and formerly the Harvest Moon games) always have a very nice pre-order bonus is you buy the physical version. This time, it’s for a Strawberry Cow! The Pocket Plush toy will be 2.5” tall and 4.0” long, which means it won’t be that much bigger than the capybara plush that came with Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns preorders.

The Strawberry Cow will definitely be available through the XSEED Games Store preorders, but other unspecified retailers will also offer it. The picture is on top of this article!

Grand Guilds card game

It would seem there’s an uprise of card-based games on the Switch lately. Following the success of their Kickstarter campaign which pledged over $30k, independent games publisher Keybol Games and solo developer Drix Studios release Grand Guilds on the Switch this past week. It is a story driven, turn-based RPG with unique card combat mechanics in which you have to follow the adventures of Eliza and her crew throughout Irin, a continent on the brink of war, and unveil a mystery that’s plaguing all the guilds of the land.

You have to learn and master the fundamentals of tactical combat using a diverse set of skill cards as you tailor each character’s play-style. Each of them has unique mechanics and abilities that will help you complete procedural missions, increase your reputation, and earn bonus points. Here’s the trailer:

Save your nuts!

Although it would be a hard time to play with your friends in your own living room, more and more multiplayer games are coming to the Switch. One of which is Save your Nuts, coming to the Switch on April 16.

Save Your Nuts is an accessible and competitive multiplayer game inspired by the classic struggle of suburban pets and local critters like dogs, squirrels, raccoons, beavers, wolves, and armadillos! Players will pick their favorite varmint and chase, catch, throw, and tackle their way to securing the elusive acorns. Check out the trailer!

Miles & Kilo on 3DS

It doesn’t happen often anymore these days, but super tough, fast-paced action platformer Miles & Kilo is coming to the 3DS. After landing on the Switch and on the Vita, you can now play the game if you don’t own either too.

Both Miles and Kilo have their own diverse sets of moves and abilities. Miles can wall-jump, slide, punch, and toss fruit at pesky critters whereas Kilo can somersault through breakable walls and dash through the air to pounce on nearby baddies. And you’ll have enough to do with 36 levels and 5 boss fights. Check out the trailer and our review!

Shantae and the Seven Sirens coming

A new entry in the Shantae series is coming, with a planned release date of May 28 on all consoles. Packed with multiple towns and more labyrinths than ever before, Shantae and the Seven Sirens combines the most popular elements from past Shantae titles into the Half-Genie hero’s biggest outing to date.

The excitement begins when Shantae visits a tropical paradise where she befriends new Half-Genie allies, but things quickly go awry as she discovers that sinister secrets are stirring beneath the island’s surface! As Shantae gets wrapped up in the island’s mysteries, she’ll use all-new dance abilities and instant-transformation Fusion Magic to explore the nonlinear, interconnected world and battle an assortment of diabolical foes…not the least of which are the enigmatic Seven Sirens!



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