Gaming News Weekend 24

It’s that time again, time for this weeks handheld gaming news!

This week, there’s news about our Survey Proud to be a Gamer, Polly Pocket case with Animal Crossing, is Shantae going to star in an animated series, Prinnies to be released in October, virtually pack your suitcase in Packmaster, Summer in Mara story trailer and pre-order bonuses for Paper Mario: Origami King.

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Polly Pocket case with Animal Crossing!

Do you remember the little Polly Pocket cases? My daughter has a few, and even though she is now 21, we always kept them. They are so super cute and precious. Such fun to see this work of love by an Animal Crossing fan. Reddit user ilovesheep123 made this dream come true and spent two weeks eagerly putting together this tiny case: check out this very special Polly Pocket Case!

Shantae starring in animated series?

You may in the past have played one of the games in the Shantae series; Paige recently reviewed the Seven Sisters and awarded it with our highest praise. (review here). In that latest installment the animated introduction was made by Studio Trigger. 

In an interview with Shantae’s creators talked about referred to this intro and how they will keep exploring the possibility to make Shantae into an animated series. 

Super Nintendo World in Japan

Some ground level photos of Super Nintendo World in Japan have showed up on Twitter, showing the hills of Mushroom Kingdom. Two weeks ago aerial photos where shown too that show the new theme park to more detail!

Prinnies to be released in October

You might know the Prinnies as a race featuring in Nippon Ichi’s series Disgea. They appeared in various games from the same studio later on, but now, they are getting their own game!

The Prinnies will finally be taking centre stage in their very own games Prinny 1&2: Explosive and Reloaded for the Nintendo Switch! The game is expected on October 16.

Virtually pack your suitcase in Packmaster

What is more refreshing than the feeling of a nice, perfectly organized suitcase? Relive that relaxing feeling over and over again as you get ready to travel with Pack Master ( even if you can’t travel in real life). Your one simple challenge is to fill your suitcase with the myriad objects provided. All at once easy and increasingly frustrating. You can expect a review on our site!

Summer in Mara story trailer

I’m pleased to report that I’m currently reviewing Summer in Mara. I’ve followed the game since I backed the Kickstarter and I’m exited it’s finally here! Koa has over 300 quests to complete. Only the main storyline is more than 100 quests that will get you through all Mara, helping others, and discovering secrets from the ocean. Also, Mara is full of different kinds of people. They also have quests for you, so you can keep traveling through the sea in order to complete them. To get you exited, here’s the story trailer:

Pre-order bonuses for Paper Mario: Origami King

Paper Mario: Origami King is coming in a month from now on July 17. Several retailers offer a nice pre-order bonus when you purchase the game. The Nintendo UK Store is offering goodies too, with both physical and digital pre-orders of the game. The Paper Mario Origami sheet and the magnet set will automatically be added to the checkout when you buy the game.


  1. I’m looking forward to hearing (reading!) what you have to say about Summer in Mara. I know you’ve been excited about it – will it live up to your expectations? My fear is that it’s too similar to games like My Time in Portia, or Rime. Not that those were bad games, just looking for something different.

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