Gaming News Weekend 27

It’s that time again, time for some gaming news! This week it’s about Neversong coming to Switch, the review for SoS Friends of Mineral Town coming, pre-register for Guardian Tales on mobile, the Kind Chamomille: wholesome gaming, the soundtrack for The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature and the patch notes for the new update for Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Neversong coming to Switch!

Occasionally we review Steam games even if they don’t qualify as Steam games. And when a developer reaches out directly to us, we can hardly say no. This is what happened when Neversong was released on Steam, and James gave it a spin. Neversong is the story of a boy named Peeter who has fallen into a coma after his friend Wren gets kidnapped. He wakes up into a (sort of) nightmare world where the adults are crazy and everything seems a little eerie. Of course he sets out on a quest to find his best friend Wren.

James gave it our highest praise. He wrote in his conclusion: I was pleasantly surprised by Neversong. It’s another Kickstarter success story where the developer has made full use of their abilities and talent to create a wonderfully creepy but memorable adventure. The music, the graphics, the gameplay its all just so well polished despite the adventure being short. This adventure moved me and did horror in just the right way.
(His full review is here)

We now have good news for Switch players: Atmos Games and Serenity Forge are bringing Neversong to consoles on July 16!

Review for Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town coming

With LadiesGamers being a rather small website I am super chuffed that I’m able to make a review for you all of Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. And I was even more impressed in getting a real press package delivered!

Not long now before the game is released (On July 10 in Europe, and July 14 in America) and I know many of our readers are eagerly awaiting this game. Sure, we had Story of Seasons: Doraemon before, but this will no doubt feel like a real old school Harvest Moon game.


Mind you, I never played the original game, but I can tell you this: it’s cute and colourful in an art style that I really like. It’s relaxing, and you can play as a boy or girl, plus you can also date either gender! Finally going with the times, right?

Pre-register for Guardian Tales on mobile

Mobile action adventure game Guardian Tales is approaching worldwide launch at the end of July after soft launching in Argentina, Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, and Switzerland already. The game unites charming pixel art graphics and action-adventure dungeon crawling and links them together by a journey traveling a rich diversity of worlds, inspired by the history of gaming.

Now normally this might not have caught my eye, but this image sure did. I may see if I can squeeze some gameplay in, as I’m in soft launch territory!

Publisher Kakao has now launched its new website, and interested players can now pre-register for the game. If you do, you will be rewarded with a unique costume that can be claimed once the game launches fully at the end of July 2020. (pre-register here)

The Kind Camomille: wholesome gaming

Being developed by developer Xavier Moiny, The Kind Camomille is set to be a Kickstarter initiative soon. You play as a mouse who is on an ambitious journey to see her grandmother who is about to celebrate her 100th birthday! The journey takes the little mouse on a long adventure where you will be meeting a bunch of other little creatures who may ask you for some help as well.

Looks nice, we will keep you informed about the Kickstarter campaign!

Soundtrack for The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature

Sean, one of our new writers, made his first review for The Wanderer, and concluded it saying:

From the sweeping visual appeal, to the emotive and often soothing audio. The story will guide you through the ups and downs of a creature experiencing a world they cannot fully understand. Something I imagine many of us might be feeling at this moment in time. As such I can heartily recommend The Wanderer, not as a game, but as an experience. Each moment of The Wanderer is accompanied by sweeping and emotive audio that perfectly compliments the creature and their current state of mind. One to savour and enjoy with a warm cup of tea and a flickering candle at one’s side. Mary Shelley would be proud.

If you’re enjoying the game too, then you’ll be pleased to know you can now buy the soundtrack from Alex Burnett on Bandcamp! Here’s the link!

Patch notes Animal Crossing New Horizons update

The fans already know the general gist of the update that dropped in our Switch today for Animal Crossing New Horizons. But this version 1.3.0 also has a little extra tweaks! These are the official patch notes:

  • General Updates
    • Players can now wear a wet suit and go diving in the ocean.
    • Players can now catch sea creatures while diving, which they can then donate to the museum.
    • Players can now encounter new visiting characters somewhere on the island.
    • Nook Miles can now be traded for new items.
    • New seasonal items have been added to the Nook Shopping catalog, available for limited time only.
  • Fixed the following issues:
    • The names of several fish have been fixed in Korean and Simplified Chinese.
    • Addressed issues to further ensure an enjoyable gaming experience.


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