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It’s that time again, time to bring this week’s handheld gaming news. This week, we have news about a game manual for Moon on Switch, Oddworld New and Tasty coming, Project “The Animal Crossing Diaries”,  Oceanhorn 2 coming to Switch, play with genetics in Niche, Animal Crossing New Horizons 2nd Best Selling Ever and Windbound adventure survival game coming to Switch

Game Manual for Moon on Switch

As we know, the much awaited game Moon is coming to the Switch on August 27. And what’s fun: below in this tweet you see the link to the game manual that you can now download as PDF! No need to wait, you can familiarise yourself with the game right now!

Oddworld New and Tasty coming

Did you ever play any of the earlier titles of Oddworld, a long running game franchise by developer Oddworld Inhabitants? The first game was released in 1997 on the PlayStation. And after the fourth game being on the Switch (Oddworld Strangers Wrath), the fifth one, New and Tasty, is coming to our favorite handheld as well. It was first released on the WiiU, but in October it’s being re-released on the Switch.

Meet Abe, a Mudokon. Mudokons are a peaceful species, but when Abe discovers that their enemy the Glukkons are turning Mudokons into tinned food he sets out to recuse his buddies from RuptureFarms.

Project “The Animal Crossing Diaries”

The National Videogame Museum (NVM, Sheffield Branche) has been awarded a grant from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Museum Association to collect histories of those who have been playing and living with Nintendo’s hit videogame Animal Crossing: New Horizons during the lockdown period.

Iain Simons, Director of Culture for the NVM, said “Animal Crossing is the perfect experience for a lockdown. The coincidental timing of its release provided a welcome relief for millions of people who wanted to go outdoors but couldn’t, who wanted to meet friends but weren’t allowed. It’s no surprise that this incredibly creative, social space became a safe haven for millions during this turbulent year. ”

Well, Iain, I couldn’t agree more!

Oceanhorn 2 Coming to Switch

Cornfox and Brothers’ Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm is soon headed to the Nintendo Switch. Since September 2019 it was an exclusive title on the Apple Arcade subscription game service, but soon we will be in luck getting to play it on the Switch.

Oceanhorn 2 is a direct sequel of Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seasthat launched in 2013. The games clearly take their inspiration from The Legend of Zelda, the developers clearly state that the Oceanhorn games are made with Nintendo fans in mind.

The sequel is really more of a prequel, it takes place one thousand years before the first game. It takes place on the world of Gaia, and in true Zelda fashion, there are several hidden mysteries and lore to explore. A young Knight is sent on an adventure to unite the Owrus, Gillfolk, and men against Warlock Mesmeroth and the Dark Army. Trin, the granddaughter of Arcadia’s leader Archimedes, and Gen, a mysterious robot wielding an old samurai weapon join the Knight.

Play with Genetics in Niche

Stray Fawn Studio in Zurich launched a Kickstarter in 2016 to bring Niche to life: a game that combines educational elements of real life genetics with turn-based strategy and simulation with rogue-like elements. You can shape your own species of cat/fox/bear/dog-like animals based and keep them alive against all odds, such as hungry predators, climate change and spreading sickness.

Go about this quest for survival in a clever way: develop great camouflage and sharp senses to detect predators early and hide. Become super strong and shred all attackers with your horns and claws. Why not become toxic to eat and poison whoever tries to take a bite? Spread your species across all islands and prove how adaptable you are.

The Kickstarter was a huge success back then, asking for a funding of $ 15.000 and raising $ 72.000. The game has been on Steam since then, and is now coming to the Switch on September 3rd! Yours truly has the honour of reviewing the game, so I’ll keep you posted.

Animal Crossing New Horizons 2nd Best Selling Ever

Animal Crossing New Horizons has been a huge success for Nintendo. How much of a success? Well, check out the top best selling games ever in Japan and you’ll see it’s now in second place. Only Pokemon Red, Pokemon Green, and Pokemon Blue on the classic Game Boy sold more. But of course, AC NH isn’t nearly done yet! Here’s a look at the top twenty best-selling (physical) games of all time in Japan:

1. Pokemon Red/Green/Blue (Game Boy) – 10,230,000
2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch) – 7,500,000
3. Pokemon Gold/Silver (Game Boy Color) – 7,1710,000
4. Super Mario Bros. (Famicom) – 6,810,000
5. New Super Mario Bros. (DS) – 6,490,000
6. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (DS) – 5,850,000
7. Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS) – 5,800,000
8. Pokemon Black/White (DS) – 5,530,000
9. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire (GBA) – 5,400,000
10. Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS) – 5,330,000
11. Brain Age 2 (DS) – 5,100,000
12. Monster Hunter Freedom 3 (PSP) – 4,850,000
13. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch) – 4,640,000
14. New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii) – 4,630,000
15. Pokemon X/Y (3DS) – 4,600,000
16. Pokemon Sword/Shield (Switch) – 4,520,000
17. Dragon Quest IX (DS) – 4,400,000
18. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP) – 4,250,000
19. Tetris (Game Boy) – 4,240,000
20. Super Mario Land (Game Boy) – 4,190,000

Animal Crossing New Horizons Review

Windbound Adventure Survival Game Coming to Switch

And another former Kickstarter game is coming to the Switch on August 28 (and on Steam, PS4 and Xbox)! Windbound is a survival game set on The Forbidden Islands. Forbidden? What more invitation do you need to explore them!

As Kara, you are a warrior, caught at sea in a fierce storm, adrift from your tribe. Thrown from your boat, at the mercy of the turbulent waters, you are tossed on to the shores of the Forbidden Islands, a mysterious paradise. With no boat, no food or tools, just the will and skill to survive, uncover this beautiful island’s rich resources. Craft tools and weapons to hunt and defend yourself against nature itself with its wild and fantastical creatures.

While you are exploring further islands and the scattered ruins across their lands, secrets of the past and glimpses of the future are revealed. Unravel the mystery behind them all and you may find more than just your way home. Sounds good right? Paula is checking it out, so you can expect her review upon release!


  1. I’m cautiously optimistic for Windbound – I like the art style and the music. I’m cautious because it looks like a smorgasbord of Rime, My Time in Portia, Breath of the Wild, and several other games. I’m looking forward to Paula’s review to find what her take on the game is.

    1. Hi Debrief,
      Thanks for reading and commenting.
      Windbound does indeed look like a smorgasbord of other game styles.
      You’ll have to wait and see what my review says when the game is released.

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