Gaming News weekend 38

It’s that time again, time to look at the news in the world of handheld gaming that stood out to us this week. Not only did we have a Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase (you can find our wrap up here) but NintendoLife also surprised us with an Indie Spotlight!

This week our news is about the 3DS series of consoles, Kitaria Fables, Lonesome Village, Petadachi, Potion Permit, Harvest Moon: One World, the new civilisations and game mode in CIV VI, Röki and be a veterinarian in Animal Rescue.

The End of the Line

Before we dive in, some sad news first. The production of the 3DS series of handhelds has stopped…as Nintendo have announced. They did so rather quietly, more one line on their website under a library of 3DS games. And that means every console in the 3DS family, so also the XL and the 2DS. Nintendo wants to focus on the Switch, which can be played in handheld too.

I guess it’s not surprising as there were hardly any new games coming to one of our favourite consoles. Nintendo has reportedly asked suppliers to increase Switch production by 20 percent as the system’s popularity surged amid coronavirus-related lockdowns. And to be ready for the Holiday season of course.

Kitaria Fables RPG coming in 2021

Kitaria Fablesis a delightfully cute fusion of action RPG, adventure, farming sim—best described as a mix of Cat Quest and Rune Factory! I am certainly intrigued upon reading that!

Enter the cute world of Canoidera and take on the quests of your animal neighbours as they face a rising tide of darkness. Real time combat, exploration and dungeoneering sit alongside farming for provisions and the crafting of weapons and armor, and forging new spells to increase your power.

Kitaria Fables isn’t only coming to the Switch, but also landing on Xbox, PS4 and PC in 2021. It’s going to be published by PQube, and looks just like our kind of game!

Petadachi, a brand new Tamagotchi

Did you own a Tamagotchi way back when they were all the rage? I did, and this game Petadachi reminded me of the first of the little Tamagotchi I used to have! My little Tara (named after my dog I had in the ’90’s) lived for about two human months. She thrived and survived because I even took her with me to work, secretly feeding her under the table while in a meeting. And I felt a strange connection to this pixel beastie.

I guess the attraction of Petadachi will be the same, which makes this upcoming game fun for me. The aim is to grow and develop your pet by playing with it and feeding it, but it won’t be as simple as pushing a button, as was the case with Tamagotchi. Because instead, you’ll have to physically source the items required to make certain food, for example. That’s what looks most like fun: you can grow food and forage in the game as well!

Still a long while to wait though, expected release in 2021.

Potion Permit

Another game that PQube will bring us on the Switch (expected in 2021) is Potion Permit. In the game you get to work solving illnesses that your fellow townspeople have succumbed to. Diagnose their illness and venture into the wild to gather ingredients. Brew the potion yourself, and administer it. Hoping of course that you are able to cure them with it.

Meanwhile, explore the town, make friendships with other residents and gently guide those in charge as they attempt to expand the town and better serve its people.

Kickstarter Lonesome Village Launched

Lonesome Village, made by OgrePixel, has launched as a Kickstarter campaign! It’s been up a few days now, and the goal of MX$ 20,000 is already more than met. And not only the original goal: the first stretch goal is met too, which means the game will not only make it to PC but also to the Switch.

Lonesome Village is a puzzle solving adventure with social simulation. You play as Wes, the Coyote, who releases villagers who have been kidnapped. Must indeed be a lonesome village! If he manages to set them free by solving puzzles, he’s got a whole lot of neighbours ton interact with in the Village.

Want to pledge for their Kickstarter too? Check it out here.

Be a Veterinarian in Animal Rescue

Another game that is expected in 2021 is Animal Rescue, an adventure game which allows you to become a field veterinarian and rescuer. It’s not a cutesy looking game, more of a real life sim, but it may be an interesting one. In Animal Rescue the player reacts to crisis situations and save defenceless animals from the destructive powers of nature. Animal Rescue is heading to the Switch as well as Xbox and Playstation.

Byzantium and Gaul Civilization announced

Civilization VI gets another extension as part of the new frontier pass. In pack 3 out of the total of 6 Byzantheum is announced to join in on September 24 along with the Gaul Civilization. There is also a new game mode and more content. The new game mode is called Dramatic Ages: an optional mode where players will enter a dark age or a gold age depending on how well their Civilization are advancing through the eras.

Let’s hope the update doesn’t lead to the problems with the base game seen in the past….

Harvest Moon: One World Delayed

Harvest Moon: One World was going to reach us towards the end of this year, but the Covid crisis has led to the game being delayed. Natsume CEO, Hiro Maekawa, said in a press release:

“the current events have delayed the launch”, though the company is “working hard every day to create a great game that introduces players to a whole new world and promises Serious Fun.”

This means we now have an expected release date of March 5th, 2021.


Röki is Heading to the Switch

Polygon Treehouse’s indie diamond Röki is headed to Nintendo Switch later this year! No definite date yet, but it is good news.

Röki is a gorgeous adventure game heavily inspired by Scandinavian folklore. It features a beautifully designed world that is compelling but dark too. Though it looks like a children’s book, the storyline delves into themes of wonder, grief, love and loss. You’ll find exploration, great design and tricky puzzle.

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