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It’s been an exiting week for us at LadiesGamers, with the launch of our Patreon Page. We strive to keep the site ad-free and invite our faithful readers into our warm and friendly community. Support us for as low an amount as $ 1,00 (+VAT) per calendermonth! You can find our Patreon Page here.

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Now, back to the other news that stood out to us this week:

Halloween Update coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Have you been checking for Autumn leaves in your Animal Crossing town as well? I’ve been wondering all week if they would magically turn but not yet. Instead, the upcoming Fall update will see to that I guess. On September 30 the game is updated with these additions and alterations (and check further down in the article to find more AC news!):

  • Growing Pumpkins – A lovely idea I think: growing your own pumpkins! In an area around Nook’s Cranny during October! Leif supplies pumpkin starters all year-round and you can buy them at Nook’s Cranny in October. With the pumpkins you can then deck out your home and island. Once your pumpkins are grown, they can be harvested and put to use in pumpkin-based DIY projects.
  • Prepare for Halloween – Pumpkins are just the beginning of the Halloween-themed festivities coming to your island. With the big day just around the corner, you can start stocking up on candy early. Find your style for Halloween night by purchasing costumes, like a mage’s dress, at the Able Sisters shop during the month of October. You can even procure body paint and colored eye contacts by exchanging Nook Miles. You’ll also be able to learn Halloween DIY projects from your fellow residents. On Halloween night, your neighbors will be getting in the holiday spirit with costumes of their own.

  • Halloween Night Celebrations – When Halloween night arrives on Oct. 31, after 5 p.m., neighbors will gather in the plaza, which will be adorned with an array of Halloween decorations. You’ll also receive a visit from a mysterious guest, Jack, the “czar of Halloween.” By giving Jack lollipops and candy, you’ll earn spooky in-game rewards. Be sure to save some candy for your neighbors, too, or you might get pranked! Luckily, you can learn a couple of new Reactions to properly express your feelings of fear.
  • Revisiting Dreams – The ability to take a nap and visit other islands within dreams was introduced this summer. Now, you’ll be able to easily revisit dreams from a list, making it even easier to visit some of your favorite islands.***
  • NookLink App Update – The NookLink Service in the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app is also receiving an update in early October. With the update, you’ll be able to use your smart device to perform Reactions in the game.**** How about trying it out for this occasion to let your island visitors know exactly how you feel about their mischievous tricks and treats?

Little Big Workshop Management Sim

As you know we love a good management sim over at LadiesGamers, and this one look very promising. Little Big Workshop has been on Steam for a while and got raving reviews there. Now, the game is set to launch on all consoles, so on our beloved Switch as well! You can already play it on PS4 and Xbox and Switch  follows on October 1.

The description of the game reminds me of Automachef, check it out:

“Start small and go big! It’s a sandbox experience where you can spend hours tweaking, improving, and trying around until you get it just right. As soon as you’re running multiple production lines, you’ll need to concentrate heavily on your organizational skills to meet your deadlines. Have no fear, clear instructions and out of the box thinking will help make your micromanaging dreams come true! ”

Animal Crossing Amiibo Card Make a Comeback

Did you collect them back when AC New Leaf introduced the Amiibo cards of our favourite animal neighbors? My daughter and I did, though our albums are still very sparsely populated, even though a good friend sent quite a collection over for Caroline’s birthday.

Good news that they are making their return, it’ll be fun to expand our collection again!

Kirby Fighters 2 Is in The eShop

Are you ready for relentlessly adorable, action-packed fights with the world’s most powerful pink puffball? Accept the challenge and ascend the treacherous battle tower in the Kirby Fighters 2 game.

In this game, Kirby delivers a madcap gauntlet of attacks to each battle, with a selection of 17 of the most iconic copy abilities from throughout the Kirby series, like Sword and Cutter. Kirby Fighters 2 also marks the debut of Kirby’s new Wrestler ability. Don’t let Kirby’s cuteness throw you off guard. This athlete’s ornate mask hides the face of a determined fighter.

Gift with Fall Update in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This is turning into an Animal Crossing news segment! If you download the Fall update on September 30 you’ll get a Ring Con item from the Ring Fit Adventure game in your virtual mailbox!

Play Disgaea 5 For Free ( If You’re Fast)

Nintendo Switch Online members can now enjoy a free game trial by downloading Disgaea 5 Complete game in the eShop. In this Game Trial you can play the game for no additional cost from September 23 10 a.m. PDT to September 29 11:59 p.m. PDT

Puzzle Board Game Farm Builder on Switch

No, don’t get your hopes up for a farming sim, but the upcoming Farm Builder might be a good puzzler to share with family and friends. Coming to the Switch on October 1 this board game is coming to our digital screen.

The game is all about putting the right pieces on the right place, and while doing this, creating a perfect farm faster than any of your opponents. The winner is the player who manages to score the most points and to make points you have to own a completed farm, road, windmill or water tower. You can do this by placing farmers and tractors (pieces) which indicate that you own the property.

You can play with your friends via online multiplayer, which allows you to play with up to five friends simultaneously. You can also play versus bots. And, while sitting around the table with friend, you can also play by passing along the Switch.

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