Gaming news with coffee, week 29

You know, it’s much too hot here for coffee, better to go for iced coffee or some cool water. The weather here has taken a turn towards hot and sunny after all the rainfall. How’s the weather in your part of the world? Hot and sunny too?

Last week we went to the cinema for a Star Trek Marathon, with the first two movies in the evening and the new one, Star Trek Beyond, at midnight as a premiere. I had an awesome time, it reminded me once more why I’ve been a Start Trek fan for 45 years now. This new cast of characters does an awesome job. They’ve obviously looked closely at the way Kirk, Spock and McCoy interacted, and it’s this sense of camaraderie that makes this new generation of movies totally worthwhile for me.

Star Trek, camaraderie, Spock and Kirk

Let’s take a look at the gaming news that stood out to me this week!

Update for Animal Crossing New Leaf

One of my favourite games is getting an update this fall. It will be free and it will enable you to unlock more content in the game by scanning amiibo and amiibo cards. You will be able to have a villager move into your town by scanning his amiibo. How cool is that? There’s little we know at the time about this update, but I think it can’t be a coincidence that the mobile game for animal crossing will be available this fall too. And we already know that is going to have a link to an existing game. Exiting!Happy home designer, Goldie, first job, Animal Crossing

Extra items in release day edition of Dragon Quest Builders

Mid October we will see the release of Dragon Quest Builders for the PS4 and the Vita. If you plan to pre-order the game or buy it on launch day you will get a download code for a couple of goodies: a gold block, slimy block and springtime sprinkles. The game will be available both physical and digital by the way.Dragon Quest builders, release day goodies

Neo Atlas 1469 for Vita

A game that has caught my attention is Neo Atlas 1469, that will be coming to the Vita in Japan in October. Now to be honest, I never played a game by Artdink before, but the description I found online has peeked my interest. It’s an exploration game with you sailing the seven seas and enlightening the powers in Europe about what the world actually looks like. Is it flat and do you risk the chance of sailing right off of worlds end? Or are there exiting new lands to explore.

To do that you manage a fleet of explorers, ships, and materials representing whichever client or country you’re working for. Your ultimate goal is to fill out the world map to completion, and you can be as historically accurate as you want. It will influence how the Europeans see the world. Along the way you’ll have to navigate safe journeys, keep your resources in check, start and handle ongoing trade between the two hemispheres, and progress your character’s story. It sounds like my kind of game. There’s one but though: it’s not announced to be released in the West (yet).

Neo Atlas 1469

Collector’s edition World of Final Fantasy

Another very special edition will be released for World of Final Fantasy when it’s released at the end of October for the PS4 and Vita. (All specific dates for these game releases are here on in the menu under Upcoming Games). Be sure to have a fat wallet, as the collector’s edition that comes looking like a giant pop-up book, will cost $119,99 or €119,99. It includes figurines of Cloud, Lightning and Squall, as well as an art book and a CD, plus a download code for extra stuff in the game. Looks very good, but my, what a price!Collectors Edition, World of Final Fantasy

Pokémon Sun and Moon, news trickles in.

Slowly but surely, news facts about Sun and Moon, that will be released this November, reaches us. We got a look at six new PK this week. There are (from left to right) Comfey, Bounsweet, Bewear, Mimikyu,Wimpod and Mudsdale. A fine looking bunch! Plus, there was some news about Pokémon Global Link, the website that connects Pokémon players around the world. They will add new features for various kinds of competitions, like being able to host your own friendly competition. Pokemon Sun and Moon, new Pokemon


Enough for this week, I think. Have you seen the leaderboard for the three Handheld Game Trivia quizzes? If you have yet to do one of the three you might want to give it another shot. Here’s the leaderboard as it is now, after some people put in another effort. Here’s the link where you’ll find the spreadsheet with every entry.

leaderboard Gaming Ladies Quiz

Let’s meet again next week, alright? I’m going back to catching Pokémon in Go and in X, it’s kept me very amused. So I hope you will have a great gaming weekend too!


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