Friday’s Cup of Coffee, wk 19

HI everyone, welcome back to another week of gaming tidbits that caught my eye. Releases announced for Disney Magical World 2, Style Savvy: Fashion Forward, Pokémon Sun and Moon and the newest Phoenix Wright. A little more info about the mobile games for Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem and Atelier Sophie for the Vita.

It was back to the normal routine again this week, and let me tell you, that wasn’t easy at all. But, here in the Netherlands we have another long weekend ahead, as we are celebrating Whitsun in, once again, two days. Just like with Easter and Christmas, Sunday and Monday is the day to celebrate. Great huh, extra free time! Let’s get ourselves a nice cup of coffee, and enjoy!

Disney Magical World 2 is coming West

The best news for me in gaming this week was that Disney Magical World is coming West! The first instalment of the series was a very nice RPG with a twist. I know helping Winnie the Poo get his garden into shape might not be for everyone, and learning to Waltz to join Cinderella at the ball might be too much for you. But underneath that, this is a good questing RPG. Plus the overall feel just makes you happy when you play it. If you’ve never played the game, you can read my thoughts about it here.

So, the fact that the second one is on it’s way made my day. This time they’ve added Frozen into the mix of famous Disney franchises. With Disney no longer publishing video games I guess this will be our last entry in the series though. The game will be released on October 14 in America, no news yet about Europe though.

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Disney Infinity cancelled

I have never played these games, but still I was surprised to hear that Disney Infinity is cancelled. What’s more, Disney is no longer publishing video games. (With Disney no longer publishing video games I guess we won’t see anymore Disney Magical World games anymore?). Apparently Disney Infinity was  a struggling video game line, and they have also closed Avalanche Software. Avalanche developed was acquired by Disney in 2005, and had been developing games since the days of the SEGA Genesis and SNES. A pity, as it seems that more and more studios are closing their doors. A good thing Indie developers are so active, so there’s hope yet.

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Finally: an American release for Style Savvy

Well, finally! Fans of the series were despairing, with a European release in 2015 and no news about the newest Style Boutique coming to America too. But now there’s word: Style Savvy: Fashion Forward will reach American shores August 19. You can read more about this lovely game here! 

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Pokémon Sun and Moon have a release date

Another great piece of news this week was the release date for the new Pokémon games, Sun and Moon: November 18 is the date when the games will be launched in America and Europe will follow soon after, on November 23.. We will have a choice between these starter Pokémon: Rowlet (grass-type), Litten (fire-type) and Popplio (water-type). Nice to see entirely new Pokémon!

The latest Phoenix Wright: Ace attorney has a release date too

Capcom has confirmed that the newest instalment in the series, Spirit of Justice brings Order to the Courts will be released in both America and Europe in September as a download only title. Players get to follow both Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice as they handle cases in two different areas of the world. Phoenix is in the Kingdom of Khura’in, where Divination Séances and Royal Priestess’ Insight allow people to see the end of a victim’s life during trials. Meanwhile, Apollo is working in the Wright Anything Agency in Los Angeles on his own case. I’ve said it before, it’s a game that I want to like very much. So I might even give this one a try.

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Mobile games Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem

We talked about them here before, the mobile games for Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem that have been announced for Autumn this year. DeNA ceo Isao Mariyasu mentioned in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that they will both be free to start. They will be more pure-game apps compared to MiiTomo.

Atelier Sophie changes the way time is measured

This might not seem a big thing, but the new Atelier Sophie will shake up the way former Atelier games have worked. Time will be measured in hours instead of days, imple recipes may only take one or two hours to complete while more complicated recipes can still take up the majority of your day. There is a 5 day week system and there might unique events that only happen at the weekend. Finally, a weather system has been introduced that can affect the types of items you’ll be able to find out in the fields. This is looking to be a shift towards a harvest moon type of game. I must say that the Atelier games are quickly shaping up to be one of my favourite series!

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The game will be released on the PS 4 and the Vita on  June 7 in North America and June 10 in Europe, so pretty soon.

A very busy week in gaming, or so it would seem. I’m enjoying Fire Emblem Birthright at the moment, and I don’t think I’ll get bored any time soon with all the good releases coming up. What have you playing? Picked up any gems that I missed?

Thank you for reading, and let’s meet again next week!



  1. My boyfriend and I are very excited for the new Pokemon games. I hope it is like X & Y with various clothing to pick from. I really missed that part of it. I can’t wait to have a cute owl partner too! I’ve been playing Bravely Second and Monster Hunter 4. I’m really enjoying Bravely S. I might have to backtrack to the first one later. I started playing MH4 again so I won’t be super rusty in next game.

    1. I’m glad you like BS so much, it’s an awesome game right? I bet you’re exited about MH Generations being announce! I’m curious where PK will take the game series now. They always manage to incorporate a lot of new ideas too, and it’ll be fun to see what’s next!

  2. I look forward to joining you as a fellow Birthright player when the game finally comes out on Friday. From the new Pokemon I expect to pick the owl cos Popplio looks weird.

    What a surprise that Disney Infinity has been cancelled. The figures seemed to be so popular. Hmmm, I hope the time system in Atelier doesn’t mean you have to get the proper ending by a certain date. Rushes through quests can be stressful.

    1. I as surprised by the Disney news too. Maybe Disney has a different strategy towards gaming now. Two years ago when I was in Orlando, I noticed that the Once Upon a Toy store didn’t have any games in store, which surprised me at the time. I think they want to promote children playing with real toys, and this wouldn’t exactly fit in!

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