Gaming notebooks, do you keep them?

Cleaning out my closet the other day, I got seriously sidetracked, like I always do when I’m doing chores like that. (Could be because I don’t like household chores, all that time that I could have spent gaming!) But anyway, I got sidetracked this time cleaning out all my old gaming magazines, and other gaming stuff. I found a lot of cool giveaways that where with the Nintendo and the NGamer magazines over the years. They didn’t end up in the bin, of course. I’ve kept them all, Zelda posters, Mario photo frames and Pokémon figurines. And I found other treasures: the gaming notebooks that I have kept for a lot of the games I played.

gaming notes, notebook, art in games, spellbookI’ve kept a gaming notebook for years to jot down all the things I mustn’t forget, locations in Pokémon games where you can get special items daily. Where I had planted the special plants like hydrangea or azalea’s in Animal Crossing New Leaf, or what quests I still had to fulfill in Rune Factory. I even took the trouble of having my creative daughter draw or design a sort of first page for every new game. In saving those notebooks I have a way to relive all those special gaming moments.

Lately it’s become easier to note things in my iPad because it is never far from reach. Apps like Evernote make it so easy to include pictures or drawings or whatnot, so I get the chance once again to make something creative out of it. I guess that’s why I enjoy having the Ni no Kuni spell book so much, it’s a work of art!
Are you like that too, keeping a gaming notebook of some kind?



  1. The most I used to do was keep a list of all the hidden object games I played on sheets of paper. Now I have an XL spreadsheet to keep track. My blog has been the diary of sorts, actually.

      1. Yeah, that’s why I basically started the blog – to keep track of the games I played, plots, etc. I play so many, they were starting to meld into a large pile. lol

        1. Funny you should say that, I always have multiple games going, and just started an Evernote notebook to keep track of where I am in each game!

  2. That’s a really lovely notebook!
    I do make notes, but not organized like that, because usually i don’t keep them too long. What i did for most of my favorite games that needed notes, was print out parts of the guide and highlight things. Now i have some pretty guides of my own, for my favorite games. I leave sticky notes in the guide where i still need to do a quest 🙂
    But yours is better, really cool with the drawings!

  3. This post brought back good memories! I didn’t take notes too much as a kid- I mainly drew pictures of my team-but when I got the urge to Play Pokemon again at 21, I started taking notes. I’m starting up yet again and am going to get a notebook or two for Soul Silver and Pokemon X or Y. (I like the Evernote idea but I don’t have a tablet of any kind)

    1. Fun, right? I’m so glad I took notes from my first gaming experiences on, not always as diligent and organized as I should, but they never fail to bring a smile to my face when I look at them now. The Pokemon pictures in my notebooks were drawn by my daughter, so even more good memories!

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