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Garden Paws Beginners Guide

If you’ve played a lot of farming simulation games it’s fun to see how they all differ. And that means that when you’re expecting a game to use a concept your know, it can surprise you when it doesn’t and goes about the normal things that are a part of such a game in an entirely different way! So, that’s where this beginners guide comes in! I’ll jot down some things that surprised me and tips that are good to know at the start, so you don’t run around for days without any progress! 

Foraging for Profit

The most important rule in any farming/crafting simulation: pick up everything you find. At the start, you can use it to sell in your shop because even the little white dandelions bring in 10 C per piece. And at the start, that’s very welcome. Some things you’d better save up, like wood and stones, as you will need a lot of those later on.

On the beach, you will find little heaps of sand, and if you’re lucky, sand dollars. As far as I’ve seen they aren’t used in any recipe so you can sell them from the start. They bring in 50G. Sand is used in crafting recipes later on, and they don’t bring in much (2 C).

Garden Paws LadiesGamers
Sand dollars in my chest

See the leafy ferns dotted about literally everywhere? Harvest as many as you can. I know it can be boring, but you can turn them into paper very easily and sell that. Plus, very often, you’ll catch little insects as a bonus that you can turn into fishing bait. I’ve picked up a couple of four-leaf clovers too very early on while harvesting ferns. They have no other use in recipes, so you can sell them for 100C!

Garden Paws LadiesGamers
Mr Jones helps you get cash…though he doesn’t know

And although it didn’t feel right to me to enter the enclosure at Mr Mooney’s (where he has his cows and chickens) be sure to overcome your qualms and pick up eggs and poop. Close to that, Mr Jones has his chicken farm too: always feathers, poop and sometimes eggs to pick up. They don’t mind, although Mr Mooney did mention to me that he was thinking of making his fences higher as the feather kept being blown away…if only he knew! The eggs and feathers sell for a nice profit, but the poop you need to save up. One of the early quests is to gather 50 poop to learn how to make fertilizer. 

Frank for Upgrades

Frank might just be the most important animal in town. He is the builder and has several upgrades and new structures and venues in his assortment. At times, in the Switch version, it can be a bit awkward with the controls to talk to animals. Frank often has several things going at once: he sells upgrades, has quests for you and you can report other quests back to him. Fiddle around by standing next to him or walking slightly past him, and you will see the command buttons change. Sometimes A is for shopping for upgrades, and then it for example changes to A= Talk. Not the easiest way to go about it, but I’m guessing this is the result of the Switch port.

Garden Paws Switch LadiesGamers
Important man, Frank the Builder

A good upgrade to start with is your shop table, expanding it from one to two tables. This allows you to sell more stuff, which in turn gets you more money to spend on other things.

Another thing I bought from him early on is the chicken coop, which was the cheapest of the upgrades Frank had to offer. It’s part of a quest by Mr Jones, who gives you two little chickens to raise once the coop is up. 

Keep in mind when shopping for upgrades that it also gives you extra stats. For example, the Shop 2 upgrade gives you one more table to sell items from, +5 energy and +5 inventory. The Shop Upgrade 3 like in the image below, also gives you one more table and +5 energy. Very welcome too. All the upgrades have effects like that, on energy, inventory, stamina etc. So choose wisely.

Garden Paws LadiesGamers
Upgrades give extra stats too

As is often the case in games like this, quests are your ticket to opening up the game. For example, the quest to bring a blacksmith into town eventually leads to you getting the workbench.

Other good upgrades early on from Frank are the Miner’s Camp (which appears on the hill next to Franks) and the Blacksmith, who settles his business near the house of the Mayor.

Questing Is the Way Forward

There are all sorts of quests in Garden Paws. Some seem to be recurring all the time, like the Petals quests where various animals want you to bring them Purple Daisies for money. There are more quests that can lead to some nice cash, but there are some that are pretty crucial to moving the game forward.

Aside from one of the first quests to bring Frank wood to make a shop sign for you, most starter quests are meeting people in town. Some you’ll get when you have Frank make a quest board. There’s an important one too though, the Need Some Help? quest. It’s a message from the shop assistant, who has a counter in town. Sure, you can man your shop yourself between noon and 6 pm, but it means you can’t go exploring or gathering for 6 hours in the day. You could hire a shop assistant too, who takes a 20% cut from your earnings. That sounds like a lot…but the good news is you will have your hands free to make or gather items that the assistant can then sell again.

Garden Paws Switch LadiesGamers
My once upgraded shop to bring in the coins

To save yourself time to go into town every morning you can purchase the upgrade at Frank’s for a ” request assistant sign” to be placed next to your shop near your house. Very convenient, but it does set you back 10,000C.

An important quest comes from the Blacksmith, Boris. After you’ve brought him into town at Franks upgrade station Boris asks for wood and stone, and he will give you a workbench in return. With the workbench, you get extra recipes on top of the ones you already had by pressing Y. There are some recipes under Y that I don’t see on the workbench though, like Stone Block. Apparently, not all recipes are available depending on your way of accessing them.

Another important item Boris will make is an anvil where you can crush the Geodes you find in the dungeons or in the mine (the entrance is in town). The Geodes might contain rocks but can also give ores, like bronze, silver or gold.

There are just so many quests to do that it’ll keep you very busy. And you never know what cool reward you will get to make progress in your game.

Animals Living Outside of Floren

Floren is the main hub where most animals can be met, but there are some further away. There’s Alberto, Robert ( and Flo), Thorne, Kieran (who will later be joined by Joline and Rudy) and The Wanderer. Of those, Alberto and the Wanderer are important to your gameplay.

Alberto and the Glider

On the first day, you get a letter in the mail with the title “Where is Alberto”. This leads to you finding him on the left side of your map, opposite the left arm of the town of Florens ( looking at your map, which can be accessed by Y or by pushing up on your D-pad.) From the town, swim across to a little island where you will find honey, then swim across to the next body of land on the other side. You can just make it on your beginners’ stamina.

Garden Paws Switch LadiesGamers

Alberto is near the beach, talking about his glider that is broken. You will spot it up on a tree branch that you can reach by jumping onto the fallen log and again onto the branch. Tread carefully and you might need several tries, but when you are as close as you can press A. When you talk to him after getting the glider he should eventually lead you to having a glider of your own. Now that’s progress!

The Wanderer

The Wanderer ultimately leads, through quests, to having a museum in your game for the artefacts you find. He is behind the big thorns blocking your path to the left of your house (when you stand in front of it).

The Dungeon

Garden Paws has a dungeon where you can fight enemies and gather special materials to sell. What’s important to stress is that fighting isn’t needed…but it can offer nice profits.

Walk-behind your house, and from there in a straight line away from the house. You’ll come across a little pond and on the opposite side a mountain. In the mountain on the right-hand side is the antechamber to the dungeons. Meet Hash in here, this starts the quest series Guildmaster. Eventually, you get a wand from Hash, and in order to prove you can use it, he asks you to burst one of the large bubbles that rise up from the water.

Garden Paws Switch LadiesGamers
The very, very small print

When you happen upon one, use your wand, pop it, and swim out to retrieve the mystery box. After you’ve given it to Hash he lets you into the dungeon area. At first, you see closed doors to what appears to be a series of dungeons. One is open to you, so in you go. Every time you enter the dungeon, you are on a different time and energy meter. So if you were low on ‘regular’ energy, going into the dungeon gives you a full meter to spend there. Three hours of in-game time are spent, no matter how long you stay in there.

Garden Paws Switch LadiesGamers
A big bubble rising from the sea

I have found the fighting to be challenging as my little dragon only moves front/ back and sideways, always keeping an eye on the enemy, but it often isn’t flexible enough. So I’ve taken to being a sniper, trying to shoot them from a distance. Make sure that you tackle one monster at a time, as soon as you’ve hit him once he will stay focussed on you to beat you.

Garden Paws LadiesGamers
The Ritual sends out red orbs

In the dungeon you will find circles sprouting new enemies for you to vanquish, they are called spawn points. After beating a couple of the monsters that it sprouted it will disappear. The ultimate goal of every level is to destroy the column that is somewhere in the dungeon. It’s called a Ritual and as soon as you attack it, it fires red orbs all around. Needless to say, you should try to avoid the orbs.

Garden Paws Switch LadiesGamers
The entrance to the dungeons, keep your wand at the ready!

When you three in-game hours are up, or when you’re energy is depleted you automatically go back to the cave where Hash is. Next to him there’s a chest where you can trade your dungeon shards for money.

Farming, Fishing and Keeping Animals

Farm animals and taming wild animals

Most likely, your first animal will be a chicken. But for all animals goes: you need to have the specific habitat first. The chick you buy goes in your inventory. Only when you have a coop you can place it in the little hen house in the middle. You need to feed it for 7 days to let it grow up when it will start giving products like eggs and feathers. For farm animals like chickens, you don’t need to feed them for a set of consecutive days. Forget a day and you’ll just proceed on the next day.

Garden Paws Switch LadiesGamers
The farm animals don’t have names

Every animal to keep and tame in the game has specific requirements. For example, to tame a cat you need to feed it fish, bunnies like to be tamed with carrots. You have to be consistent when you start taming animals: you must do it every day for a certain period of time, otherwise, all previous effort is gone.

In the Switch version, you can’t name your animals like you could in the PC game.


Different then in most farming sims you can sow seed anywhere outside the town of Floren. I felt the need to make a sort of field for sowing anyway, but there wasn’t a grid to keep it nice and straight. So, in the options, I ticked the box for grid-based planting!

Garden Paws Switch LadiesGamers
Farming is included, use the hoe wherever you want.

Water the seeds every day (unless it rains) and as soon as you get the blueprint for basic fertiliser from Amber you can add some of it to your seeded patches. The fertiliser is made with 2 poop and 1 wheat and it gives you a low chance of getting a seed back when you harvest the crop.

A patch of soil that you made with a hoe disappears after it hasn’t been watered for 2 or 3 days. You can also decide to plant crops in planters. Those are furniture items that come with soil included. Later in the game, you’ll get a recipe for a sprinkler, very welcome to cut down on work!

All of this costs you a lot of energy? Don’t forget you can get some by sleeping in the hammock, though you will lose a few hours of the day.


Remember the little insects that were a by-product of harvesting ferns? You have to turn them into bait in your crafting menu, otherwise, you can’t fish. There aren’t set places to fish, you can fish in any body of water. But, I must admit that in the Switch version I haven’t been able to catch any…Here’s the way to do it according to the developer:

“The gist of it is that when the fish icon shows up on the screen there’s a yellow triangle that you can control that shows up in the centre of the screen. You control it by moving the left stick, you have to point the big side of the triangle towards the fish icon, if you do it right that triangle will turn green. Once the triangle is green you press A to catch the fish.”

Treasure Maps in Bottles

Everywhere on the beaches, you will come across bottles with messages in them. And not just any message: pieces of treasure maps! If you find one put it in the bottom bar on the screen, and press A while the bottle is highlighted.

Garden Paws LadiesGamers
Meeting Petey the Pirate

Save the pieces till you can give one gold ore to the pirate Petey, who will give you a shovel and the blueprint for the Cartography Table. With that one built, you can combine the pieces into a treasure map.

Garden Paws LadiesGamers
The route to the treasure on your map

Put the treasure map in your bar below, make sure it’s blue and press A. The treasure map disappears and on the world map, an indication is there where your treasure can be found. Equip the shovel you’ve made, and get digging!

Garden Paws LadiesGamers
X marks the spot!



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