Giraffe and Annika announced for Nintendo Switch

As you might know, here on LadiesGamers we are always on the lookout for cute new games. This snippet of news caught my eye thanks to (Thanks Bri!).

Giraffe and Annika has been announced by publisher Unties for the Switch in Japan! With hopes of course for a Western release as well.

Now I didn’t know what to expect, as the title is new to me. But Atelier Mimina’s 3D adventure game Giraffe and Annika looks very cute and the trailer promises some good gameplay as well.

You play as the cat eared girl Annika who must find her memories by defeating bosses found in the island’s dungeons via a music-based battle system. Interesting. I don’t know yet where the giraffe fits in, but I was surprised by the visual style.

The battle system, which you see at the end of the trailer, might pose a problem for me, as it’s rhythm based. At the same time, it’s new and fresh.

I’ll leave you with the trailer, and if I find out something new, I will let you know!



  1. The character designs are adorable. Not sure if the gameplay will be my thing though. I’m terrible at music games. The clip however makes it look like you just dodge attacks?

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