Girls Mode 3 comes to Europe, the new Style Boutique!

Oh boy, what did I just write? My poor wallet with lots of good games coming soon. And I only now scrolled down to see another exiting release announced: the New Style Boutique 2, known in Japan as Girls Mode 3, is coming to Europe!! And for a change, no US release date yet! November 20th…not only my poor wallet, but where on earth will I find the time. 

I wrote a preview before, based on Girls Mode 3, and as I already enjoyed the previous games, I’m really exited for this one. (See the preview here, I made it as a guest blog on

Girls mode, magical house, luminous town, animal crossing,It seems to have even more features, like this miniature house that is a sort of magic house. When you start the game you get an envelope from your Grandma with a little key inside. The key gives entrance to the little house, and you will find yourself in Luminous Town. The fun thing is that by decorating rooms in that little house, you can create you own favorite life size room too. The possibilities seem to be endless, with some 1.700 pieces of furniture! Make me think of Animal Crossing! You can even rent the rooms out to people in town, and with StreetPass you’ll exchange your favorite room with other people. When you’ve passed someone in StreetPass, you can even buy the furniture they have in their room!

imageAdded to that, there’s a great way to use Amiibo in the game: four amiibo can be scanned on a New 3DS (or using the upcoming NFC Reader/Writer on older systems) to unlock fashion related to that character – the supported figures are Mario, Peach, Yoshi and Kirby. Plus there will be a special fashion line featuring Splatoon clothing. A lot to take in, right?


  1. Hmm, not my usual style of game, but it does seem like something fun to try out when I get burned out on RPGs. I’ll see if I can find a reasonably priced copy of the earlier games for now.

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