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I promised there might be another giveaway on, right? Actually, along with the codes for Moco Moco Friends Aksys was kind enough to send me codes for Radiohammer for the 3DS too. Which put me in a bit of a pickle, as I didn’t play the game myself. Nor do I think it’s a good idea for me to play it. You see, Radiohammer is a rhythm game, and I think I mentioned before that I’m absolutely awful at any kind of rhythm game. Like in Disney’s Magical World where I wanted to progress by making sure Cinderella knew how to dance at the ball. Guess what, she must have had two left feet, because she couldn’t get the hang of it. Or was it me that couldn’t get the hang of it?

Anyway, even though Radiohammer, which is only available in the eShop isn’t very expensive (USD 5,99 or GBP 3,98) it still seemed a pity to use the code for myself while I was pretty sure I wouldn’t really play it. So, this time around I’ll host another giveaway for Radiohammer, but I can’t add my own experiences to it. I can only copy this from, where the game got an 8 out of 10:

Within the world of Radiohammer, the eponymous pirate radio station exists for one reason alone: to keep the streets safe through the power of groove. Radiohammer FM’s mission is to lay down the law and bring the (literal) hammer of justice down upon any offending parties threatening the town. For each of the four playable DJs — unlocked sequentially — that means combatting a different evil; July Ann keeps the parks safe from flash-happy perverts, MC Wayne repels an alien invasion, Simply Lita sends the undead shuffling back to their graves, and Celia — dropping in from Arc System’s Chaos Code — punishes evildoers with her parasol.

Radiohammer, aksys, rythm game, eShopIt might not be competition for the likes of Rhythm Thief or Hatsune Miku, but then the price is something gamers will enjoy all the more.

Same rules apply for the giveaway as last time. You can take part by subscribing to through email. You can use the pop-up that will automatically appear on screen or the subscription button on the right side of your screen (or the very bottom of your screen when you are reading this on your mobile phone). If you are already a subscriber you can simply add a comment to this article. Don’t forget to comment on this blog or message me on any of the social media to tell me what region you want to compete for, as I have one code for America, Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

The giveaway ends Tuesday February 17 2016. Look forward to the results on the day after that. Radiohammer, aksys, rythm game, giveaway


  1. Hi again! Europe, heh. Rhythm games are my jam. Really loved Elite Beat Agents and Rhythm Paradise on the DS, for example, and thinking to play Osu! sometime as well.

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