Giveaway Sanrio Amiibo Cards for Animal Crossing

From time to time I try to host a giveaway here on Nothing major mind you, just a little something I know my readers would love to have. This time, I have some packages of Sanrio Amiibo Cards. As far as I know, the cards have only been released in Japan, Europe and Australia. So if you haven’t been able to get your hands on them, here is your chance!

These cards feature six characters to use in Animal Crossing New Leaf. When scanned in after your little villager rubs the magic lamp, it gives you the chance to invite a special villager inspired by characters like Hello Kitty and Keroppi to the campground. Once invited, you can purchase their Sanrio-themed furniture or ask them to move in.

If you want to compete, then take part in the giveaway! You can do this by subscribing to get every new article on in your email. You can use the pop-up that will automatically appear on screen. Or the subscription button on the right side of your screen (or the very bottom of your screen when you are reading this on your mobile phone).

If you are already on the email list, you can just let me know if you want to take part too. Comment on this blog or message me on any of the social media to tell me so.

I have three packages to give away, and this giveaway ends on January 31. At the beginning of February I will publish the results on here, and I’ll get in touch with the lucky winners through email.

Good luck everyone!


    1. Yes, I’ll send them to the three lucky people, so even to America 🙂 Help me out here, don’t put your entire email here, but how can I recognise your address on the list?

  1. Hi i would love to win this to! Am i on you’re subscribers list? Can’t find the button. I did remember i gor subscribed.

  2. I would love to enter your giveaway! It’s a shame they never released these cute cards in the US. I just subscribed to your mailing list, which is something I thought I did a long time ago. 🙂

  3. I want to enter too please. I’m pretty mad at what happened. It’s not avaliable for retail in Australia (and I can’t find the non sanrio RV either!!) they were only avaliable on eBay and gone by the time I could buy some. The japanese packs only come with two (out of six >> ??)

  4. Can you put me on the list too? They are very cute! (haven’t seen them in the stores yet..)
    I’m already on the email list (and liking it very much)! (jonkman)
    By the way, thanks for the tip of writing my progress down if i don’t finish a game… definately gonna give it a try!

  5. I think I am on the mailing list now, but just in case, I would like to enter too, please!

  6. I subbed cause I couldn’t remember if I have befor elol but I’m interested in entering! My email on list should be :lunarkitty88!

  7. Omg I just discovered your website, and love it! I can’t believe your running a contest too! I have never entered a contest in my life! I’m literally panicking, and hyperventilating all at once! Animal Crossing, and Hello Kitty are my basic components of life! like if someone had to recreate me, they would just have to get all the animal crossing games, hello kitty anything, sugar, and throw a pair of glasses, and BAM! I was made!

    1. Haha, Maggy! Welcome to the site!
      You’re Castillo in time, I see you are now on the list. Good luck on the contest! I’ll be drawing the lucky numbers on Feb.1 st!

      Always nice to meet another AC enthusiast!

      1. XD Thank you Yvonne! I’m just so excited to have found this site!!! you have no idea how rare it is to find lady gamers with such great reviews on games! I have found so many good DS games I have never heard of like Root letter & Teddy together!

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